Friday, January 18, 2008

So here it begins.....

So many people have asked me if I have a blog so here it goes. My first blog entry. 
Me and the kids are still in Idaho. We are very much enjoying our time here. It is so nice to be able to be around our families and visit friends. We are missing Justin though. We will be going back to Michigan and then back to Toronto on the 23rd of January. 
This week has been a crazy one.  Kamden has had way to much candy and way to little sleep. Justins Dad and Mary went to Mexico and I am staying at there house watching Karlee and Randy.  Kamden has been such a handful getting into everything and finding candy everywhere! Because he is in a new environment he isn't sleeping at all. 
Well this all leads up to all the naughty things he has been doing.  He is all over the place and not listening to a word I say. 
Wednesday- I was bathing Karson in the Kitchen sink. Kamden pulls a stool up to see what we are doing. He finds a half full gallon of milk that has been left on the counter. Of course he can not just leave it there but instead grabs it and takes the lid off.  Before I can free a hand from slippery wet Karson, Kamden dumps the milk all over Karson in the bath, the floor, the counter, himself and me.  I guess that gives a whole new meaning to a Milk Bath. 
Thursday morning- Karson woke up at 5:30. Kamden of course wakes up too and unlike Karson he will not go back to sleep. So with all the extra time we decide to make pancakes for the kids before school.  I put the powder mix and water into a bowl. But before Kamden can get into the powder pancake mix I go to the pantry to put it away. I come back to the griddle and Kamden has dumped the entire bowl of unmixed pancakes on the griddle. Ohhhh boy! 
Sometimes I feel like I could really use an extra dose of patience!