Thursday, March 20, 2008

So this is what they make double sinks for.

Teething pain!

Karson has been teething and let me tell you it is no fun for the poor little guy. He has been running a fever and just plain miserable. He is such a cuddle bug normaly, so you can imagine how he is when he is sick. He is such a sweet heart!

We have been having a great time in Idaho. It is so nice to be around family! It really makes me want to move back. We have been so busy, but I absolutely love it! Kamden has really enjoyed playing with everyone, and every day he always asks to go and see pa's horses. He loves the horses, the kitties, and the doggies. We have also really enjoyed hanging out with my sister and her little boy Porter. It is so cute to watch Karson and him together. (They are six weeks apart.) It has been so nice for me to be here with my mom. I really enjoy spending time with her. We have a great time together. It has really just been a great time home.

On Tuesday we went over to Johnsons house. They surprised Kamden and Karson with an early visit from the Easter bunny. Kamden was so excited to see a huge Easter Basket with a huge truck in it for him. He also had a good time going on a little Easter Egg Hunt through the house. It was a great time, and Kamden was so cute! Karson sure loves those teething toys! Thanks Easter Bunny!

We are excited for Aunt Tessa to get into town tonight. We can't wait! We are having a big Celebration at the Colgrove house this weekend. All us siblings will be home. To bad that Justin can't be here with us. We are sure missing him. Kamden asks about him a lot and I tell him that he went back home on the Airplain, Kamden then says " I go on Airplain." So cute. Now that he is getting older I think that it is much harder for him to be away from Justin. We all miss him!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A quick trip turns into a long visit!

So I am back into the blogging loop. I am just now finally having the chance to sit down and take some time to write an update.

It all started Jan 25th. We were home in Michigan (from Toronto) for the weekend. Justin got the call from his mom that her dad, Justin's Grandpa passed away. The next morning Justin and Kamden boarded a plane to fly home, with the plans of me, Austin (my brother who is living with us) and Karson to fly out later that night. To make a long story short we ended up staying the night in Minneapolis. Our first plane was late taking off so we missed our connecting flight to Idaho Falls. Seeing as though it was the last flight of the night they sent us away with nothing but our carry on luggage, the clothes on our backs, and a new flight plan that now would take us from Minneapolis to Salt Lake to Salt Lake to Idaho Falls. The most annoying part about it all is that when you are trying to get things all figured out there seems to be way more people who say "I can't help you" then those who will tell you "I can help you".

Justins Grandpas funeral was held Friday the 29th. It was a nice service. It is a very nice feeling knowing that his beloved wife Faye was waiting to greet him with open arms. Now once again they are together. It was really great being able to see everyone again and visit.

So of course seeing as though I was already out here, we decided to stay an extra three weeks. We will be in Idaho till the 25th of March, when we will be flying back to Michigan with my brother and sister. Justin flew back a week ago with Austin. It looks like our time in Toronto has come to an end, so today Justin is packing the house there up and driving back to Michigan. In a lot of ways I wish I had more time there. It was fun being there and experiencing something new. But it will also be nice to be back in Michigan in our house with all our own stuff.

I will take lots of pictures of our visit here in Idaho and I will be sure to post them.