Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Planting flowers.

Yesterday during Karsons nap Kamden and I planted flowers. Kamden got so into it. He got his little rake and shovel and even his dump truck out. He kept picking up the flowers by their petals, and of course loved playing in the dirt. We finally managed to get them all planted. It was fun working with Kamen.

Also some very exciting news. Last week Karson took his first three steps and stayed standing afterward. Soon he will be walking all over the place. Go Karson!

So last week Kamden was sick and throwing up. On Saturday he was looking much better and hadn't been throwing up so for lunch we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We ordered our meal, and Justin took Kamden to play a video game. Kam came running back over to the table and laid on the chairs for about five seconds then hurled everywhere. As if one time wasn't enough he ran to Justin and before he got to him threw up again all over the carpet. Justin ran him to the bathroom and I had to get someone to clean up the mess. It was totally humiliating. Needless to say as soon as our food was ready we took it to go and got out of there. Note to self: If kid has been sick in last week and you decide you need to go out to eat, sit close to bathroom!!!!
As soon as we got home Kamden conked out. Poor little guy. Luckily now he is doing much better.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The last two weeks.

It has been an extremely busy last two weeks. First off on April 30th we celebrated my 26th Birthday. Justin and Kamden took me to lunch. It was nice for Justin and I being able to spend some one on one time with Kamden. Later that night I found out that Justin and some of my good friends had been planning a surprise trip for me to go hang out in Seattle. This was especially a great surprise because I was now able to be there when my friend Brandi tried on wedding dresses, and help with her bridal shower. So the day after my birthday I packed my bags and headed off to Seattle for an extended weekend with the girls. I had such a great time and it was wonderful seeing them all again. That Monday before I left Brandi took me to get a massage. It was my very first one. I can't believe what I have been missing out on all these years! Also we went to Trophy Cupcakes (as seen on Martha Stewart) and got the most delicious cupcakes ever!! It was a wonderful trip and a nice vacation for me. Thanks Brandi, and Veronica for such a great time. But most important Thanks to my wonderful husband who made it all possible. It was the best Birthday gift ever!

Mothers Day was such a nice relaxing day. Justin brought me breakfast in bed and the boys had made some cards for me. We just had a very laid back rainy day. It was nice to slow down because it seems like all we have been doing lately is going. Justin made dinner and then we had some brownies and ice cream. The best part about Mothers Day was having such a wonderful family to share it with. I feel lucky to be able to be a Mother to such wonderful boys.

So Monday was such a hectic day. I took Karson to the doctors and found out that he had an ear infection. He is such a good baby that I wouldn't have even known, but he had a really bad runny nose and was pulling at his ear. He is such a little trooper though and hasn't been fussy at all. I was glad I paid attention to my instincts and took him in. After we got back from the store from getting his prescription I had to run Maggie to the vet. As soon as I got home from the vet and came inside Kamden started telling me "mine ummy hurts." And yes indeed not shortly after that Kamden started throwing up everywhere. Tuesday was even more hectic! Finally today Kamden is looking much better, and Karsons antibiotics are kicking in. Looks like we are finally on the mend.

It has been really rainy here lately. I don't mind it so much, it sure makes everything a lot greener. It is also kind of fun to have some down time. Curl up on the couch and read a book. Or pop some popcorn, cuddle up with the boys, and watch a movie. I am super excited to see all our flowers bloom!

Justin feel asleep on the couch. I went to take a picture and kam wanted in it. So funny!