Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oliver is 8 months old!

Seems like this month Oliver has developed in leaps and bounds. At Eight months Ollie is now:
  • Crawling! Started the exact day he turned 8 months.
  • Sitting up all by himself. Can also crawl and put himself into sitting position.
  • Started holding his bottle by himself. ( I tried and tried to get him to do this for months. The little stinker just wouldn't. Finally just after he turned seven months old he started holding it himself.)
  • Started wrinkling up his nose when he smiles. So adorable!
  • Got his first tooth! Bottom Left. Cut through on 10/10/10!
  • Started shaking his head no.
  • When he hears music he starts bouncing.
  • Pulls himself up on knees when holding on to something.
  • Such a stubborn eater. Tries food and if he doesn't like it then he won't open his mouth no matter what you do. He doesn't like a lot of food. So we mostly stick to the bottle.
  • Is a terrible sleeper! I feel like we haven't progressed at all. Goes to bed at 7:00 wakes up around 11:00 then wakes up again around 4:00 then sleeps till 8:00.
  • Hello stranger anxiety! He is for sure a mommas boy.
Oliver has really become his own little person this last month. He is a very content baby, and loves to smile. When he doesn't like something he makes it very apparent, quickly! We have enjoyed him so much!

Quick October catch up!

I figured that I had better get caught up on the month of October before I needed to post about my little goblins and Halloween. Seems like just when you think that things are slowing down they move even faster. Lets play catch up! Here we go.

Boys had first dentist visits! Boys got Flu shots. Celebrated lots of family Birthdays! Justin had a foot Dr. appointment and found out his aches and pains have to do with incredibly flat feet! I went to Dentist. Family Pictures. Visited friends and their new baby boy. Primary Program. My dear sweet mother had to have her gallbladder removed. Had many wonderful play dates with the Johnson gals. Halloween parties. Running boys to school everyday. Karson was special person at school. School parties. Picked Apples. Oliver started crawling. Oliver got his first tooth. Watched football with family. Enjoyed a couple of date nights. Justin went on a camping trip. My sister and her son came over and stayed the night since her husband was also gone. Had game night with the Johnson fam. Justin's little sister left to Japan. Kam got stomach bug.

Whew! That is a lot. Not to mention that Justin is gone three nights a week. Sometimes I feel like I am treading water and just barely keeping my head out.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall is in the air.

To be completely honest I have been dreading fall. Not because I don't absolutely love fall, but because I absolutely hate winter. Admitting that its Fall means that winter is only that much closer to come. Well folks it is officially Fall, and I'm loving it. This weather we have been having is absolutely beautiful! High 70s then chilly at night. This past weekend our little family headed up to the cabin in Island Park and throughly enjoyed Fall.

It was a beautiful weekend, we went HIKING, then to see the fish at BIG SPRINGS, had a PICNIC, then got some delicious ICE CREAM. We enjoyed nap time then FISHING (with not luck) and then Justin took the boys CANOEING, then SWIMMING, of course then they had to warm up in the HOT TUB. We then enjoyed some TIN FOIL DINNERS and afterwards sat around the campfire and had SMORES. After we got Oliver to bed we laid outside underneath the STARS for quite awhile. As a matter of fact Kamden fell asleep STAR GAZING. After the boys were asleep Justin and I watched a movie together.

It felt so nice to enjoy the beauty of Fall with my beautiful FAMILY. It's weekends like this that help me remember what life is all about!