Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring has sprung.

I just love this time of year when everything starts to come alive again. Flowers are blooming trees are green. It is so nice. This week has been just beautiful weather. On Thursday Justin and I were able to go to a Tigers game with some good friends. It was perfect weather for a ball game, 71 degrees. We had so much fun and it was nice getting out together. Justin flew to Texas on Friday and won't be back till Tuesday. He starts back up with classes again that night. Kamden has been missing him.

Kamden and Karson have really been enjoying the puppy. Kamden loves to hold and play with her but sometimes forgets how small she is. Karson thinks that she is pretty fun, but is still a bit hesitant of her. Which for her sake is a good thing. :) It has been a lot of work this last week but overall she is a pretty good puppy. We also decided to name her Maggie. It just fits her so well.

Now that Karson has learned to stand up he is becoming a regular pro at it. Almost every time I look at him he is standing up, he even took a step forward the other day. I have a feeling it wont be long. He is such a little go bug.

Today I went to a Preschool open house with Kamden. It was fun for him. They had lots of fun things for the kids. Play dough, blocks, a clown, art projects, musical instruments, reading time and lots more. It is hard to believe that next fall Kamden could be going to preschool. Justin and I are undecided on what we want to do. I just think three is a bit young to start preschool, but that seems to be the norm around here. There is lots of different options so we'll just have to look into them all. The other day we had some friends over for dinner. They commented on what a good boy Kamden is and how loving he is. They have four little gilrs and Kamden just adores them all. He was hugging and kissing them all night. So cute. He can be such a sweet heart!

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's a girl.

Meet our new little puppy! She is a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie. She is very small and only weights around three pounds. Full grown she will probably only be six. I am a little nervous how this is going to work out having two wild boys! She is already such a good puppy. She loves the boys and they love her. I think Justin is the one who adores her most. He is the one that wanted to get her, not that I objected. The best part about her is that she is hypo-allergenic, that means no shedding! We are excited to have her.

We have had a very busy last week. Since we took the binky away Kamden has had a really hard time sleeping, instead he started getting up and playing with his toys. So we made the decision to move all the toys out of his bedroom and into a new toy room, and move him into a twin bed. This has worked wonderful. He really likes his new big boy bed, and the toy room is great for them. (I love it too.) Justin finished up with classes this last week and has a three week break until he starts up again. He also had to travel back up to Canada for work. Along with all this he is assistant coaching a 12 year old boys soccer team. We all went to the soccer game Saturday morning. The boys loved being outside. It was so cute to see Kamden mimic Justin. Justin would yell "go,go, go" then Kamden would yell go, go, go. Justin would clap Kamden would clap. Justin would jump up and down, Kamden would jump up and down. The team unfortunately lost 1-0 but they sure played a good game. Since joining the Community Center we have had so much fun taking the boys swimming at the indoor pool. Kamden has really became more comfortable in the water and Karson just loves it. It is a really nice pool and great for them.

Karson is getting so big. He is now standing up all by himself. No steps yet. His hair is also getting really curly it is so cute! The weather last week was so nice. It was wonderful. We all enjoyed getting outisde again. It was a nice change from a really long winter. The boys have really enjoyed the back yard and the wagon rides. Yesterday we had a BQ. I just love the warm weather and am so excited for it to be here for awhile.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Justin take the cake

So chelsea showed me this little game and I had to give it a try. See if you can beat it, and no mistakes.

72 words



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Typing Test!

Saw this on my sisters page and it looked fun. First try too. :)

65 words

Speed test

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bye bye binky.

So last Thursday Kamden collected all his binkys and put them in a bag. We told him that the binky fairy was going to come and get them and take them to little babies who needed them. We told him that he was a big boy and didn't need them anymore. He did this pretty willingly. So we put the bag out on the front steps for the fairy to come and get. ( A technique the Nanny uses on the T.V show Super Nanny.) It wasn't five minutes before he started crying for his binky. I was determined thought that it was time to say good bye to binks. So we got his mind off the binky and on something else. Later when he went outside to look for the binkys there was a surprise for him that the fairy left saying thanks. He got really excited especially about the trail of sparkles she had left behind. I felt that things were going well and I started feeling much better about my decision to toss them. Well that was until 10:30 that night when I had been trying for two hours to get Kam to sleep, but he kept screaming and crying in hysterics for his binky. Oh yes. Now almost a week later my once upon a time great sleeper is now a not so good sleeper. Nap time, bedtime, he cries! Middle of the night, he cries. He has been having such a hard time without his binky. I feel so bad for him. I mean really whats the harm in a 10 year old having a binky still? Okay well I am glad I did it, but I feel sad for Kamden. It was his comfort, his calm, his soother. He really loved that thing! I know soon everything will be okay again but I just feel bad for him for now.

Well the past four days have been absolutely beautiful! It is so nice to be outside again. Kamden has just loved it and Karson has even had his fair share of enjoyment outdoors. This last weekend we got the spring yard pick up done. We took the boys on a walk in their wagon and they loved it. Yesterday we went and joined the community center. There is an indoor pool, a gym, a rock climbing wall, and all sorts of fun stuff for the kids. Last night we went swimming there. The kids had so much fun, and Karson just loved it! It was his first time in a pool. I think that we are going to love it there.

One of my favorite things is in the morning the boys just love watching Justin leave to work. They sit on the couch and look out the window, wave and blow kisses good bye. It is so cute!

So my next big task. Potty training! Kam has a little potty, and I try getting him to sit on it and he has NO Interest in it! I haven't really pushed him into doing it but I am getting sick of changing diapers. So I am determined to get him potty trained by the end of this month. So if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Missing Idaho!

So funny Karson just fell right asleep while eating.

Nine months Old.

What a little monkey!

So I think that Kamden is missing Idaho. He keeps telling me that he wants to go to Anas house (NANA) and that he wants to go see pa and his horses. I tell him that we have to go on the airplane to get to their house and he just points to himself and says " I go on plane!". I wish it was that simple,we are missing everyone at home very much!

Karson had his nine month check up today. He has an ear infection.Poor little guy. He is such a good little baby that I didn't even know anything was wrong. He is 29" tall which is the 80 percentile. He also weights 19lbs 14oz which is just below the 50th percentile. Other then the ear infection the doctor said that he is doing just great!

Stay Posted: Tonight the Binky Fairy is coming to the Johnson house, details soon to come on how it goes! :) Oh and keep your fingers crossed for me!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A fun week.

A week ago today I boarded a plane in Idaho and flew back out to Michigan with my two kids, and two of my siblings. Last night we were back at the Airport saying goodbye to Tessa and Eli. After spending a month in Idaho and a week with family here things are feeling a little lonely this morning. I absolutely love having visitors and being around family. I love to have a full house and I never get sick of having people around. So all of you should come out and visit! :)

We had a very eventful week. First of all let me just tell you how amazing my hubby is. He surprised me when I got home with an early birthday present,painted kitchen cabinets, and a T.V in our bedroom. The early Birthday present....He bought me a piano! I was so surprised and excited. Every day since then I have played it. I will have to take a picture of it and post it. He was a busy guy while I was gone. The best part about being back home though, is being with him.

We had so much fun this week with Aunt Tessa and Uncle Eli. It was nice for me having a sister out here to hang out with. On Friday we were able to sneak away and go to the day spa for pedicures and Saturday we spent the day shopping. The boys were able to spend Saturday paint balling and lets just say our x-box in the last week has gotten great use. Kamden has had so much fun playing with Eli. We are very sad that they had to go back home. It was such a great time having them here.

I am so surprised how many people don't know this so I am just making a formal announcement. My seventeen year old brother, Austin is living with us and has been since last May. He is taking online classes towards his High School Education. He is great to have around and the boys just love him. He is planning on going back home to finish his Senior Year at Shelley High School. We will have to see what happens but we will sure miss him.

I also am posting my very first digital scrapbook page FAMILY.