Thursday, April 3, 2008

Missing Idaho!

So funny Karson just fell right asleep while eating.

Nine months Old.

What a little monkey!

So I think that Kamden is missing Idaho. He keeps telling me that he wants to go to Anas house (NANA) and that he wants to go see pa and his horses. I tell him that we have to go on the airplane to get to their house and he just points to himself and says " I go on plane!". I wish it was that simple,we are missing everyone at home very much!

Karson had his nine month check up today. He has an ear infection.Poor little guy. He is such a good little baby that I didn't even know anything was wrong. He is 29" tall which is the 80 percentile. He also weights 19lbs 14oz which is just below the 50th percentile. Other then the ear infection the doctor said that he is doing just great!

Stay Posted: Tonight the Binky Fairy is coming to the Johnson house, details soon to come on how it goes! :) Oh and keep your fingers crossed for me!


TBird and Mikelle said...

Sad.. My little guy had an ear infection too and I just took him in last night because I thought his cough was bad and they were like um.. he has a bad ear infection, sad! I didn't even think that! Your hair is sooooo cute I love the color and cut!

kholbro said...

Cute picture of Karson asleep in his highchair!! Good luck with the binkie fairy! Those things always seem to go better than expected(I always dread them though!)

PS - Do you want to come to scrapbook night - it starts at 8:00! :)

Celeste Adams said...

Good luck with the binky fairy. Karlee still has one at night, but that is my fault. We will have to keep our eye on cheap flights from Detroit to Salt Lake. We can leave our hubbies at home and go back to Idaho by ourselves. YEAH! Its hard coming back home, they get use to the grandmas and grandpas and all of the fun.

Holly said...

Thanks for the comment... cute cute blog, now I'll have to be checking yours, you have such a cute little family too! :)

Holly said...

PS good luck with the binky... haha. My little girl had a hard time giving it up too! :) haha.

King & Queen of Hart's said...

Hey your hair looks so cute! Ok i know you have probably gotten tons of advice on taking the binkie away, but I am going to share with you what I did anyway. I put it in vinegar and then gave it to Stock. I told him when he got older that binkie's started to taste bad, but if he wants he can still have it. He blamed the binkie for being yucky and it didn't make me the bad person. I just made sure it was dipped in vinegar at nap and bed time and two days later he was done and I wasn't the bad person who took it away :) TA DA