Monday, September 29, 2008

Whats been going down at the Johnsons.

Once again it has been a very busy past week, but before I start I must give a shout out to J-sizzle (our guest blogger, aka Justin) for his wonderfully hilarious post.

So we will begin with last Sunday September 21st. Kamden was dressed in his last years Halloween costume Baloo the Bear. I told him to get Karson. He got a little overzealous and did a huge bear growl and lunged at Karson. Normally Karson would have feel over, dusted himself off and got right back up, but not this time. Instead he happened to be right next to some iron railing, his head hit it just right and he ended splitting it open. The hardest thing about something like that is determining how bad it really is. Stitches or no stitches? So after a long debate and asking all our parents opinion we decided that Justin would play Doctor. So he shaved his head around the wound, cleaned it then, and bandaged it up. Karson was such a little trooper, he just sat there and let Justin do it without even crying. He is such a good baby. Here is what his poor little head looks like.

So we are still trying to get Kamden all potty trained. It has been taking so long. He has got the pee part down, but he will not go #2 in the potty. We have tried everything from bribing him to forcing him to sit on it when we know he has to go. We have even sat with him for hours waiting for him to do his business. Finally last week I got him to do it twice!! We were very excited, but then the next time he just did it on the floor. So frustrating!!!

Friday after work Justin came and picked up Kamden and they headed up camping with the boys. Karson and I that night went to the high school Homecoming football game with tu tu.
We were able to watch Aunt Karlee cheer. She did a great job, and we had so much fun at the game. Saturday and Sunday we rented movies, played together, and had a nice lazy weekend. Justin and Kamden got back Sunday night and told us about their many adventures. Kamden caught his first fish! They went on 4-wheeler rides, roasted marshmellows, and sat around the fire. They shot guns, and bow an arrows. They always have a great time with the boys, especially when Jade comes into town! After Kam was home it didn't take him long to say " I wanna go campin with pa, I go capin with pa." Yup, he wanted to go right back up there to camp with his pa. So precious!
Kamden told Justin he wanted to go in the truck and nap.
This is how he found him asleep.

Also some great news. Our neighbor put up a fence! Now both neighbors have fences up, meaning that when we put a fence in we only have to worry about the back and front sides. Yippy!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged by my good friend Jamie. It's my first one so here it goes.

Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours:
Then tag six other people.

1.) I am a clean freak! That defiantly doesn't mean my house is always clean, especially with three little boys. (yes I am including Justin in that.) But it drives me nuts when its not clean. My life just seems a little bit better with a clean house.

2.) I hate leftovers. I don't like most things reheated, but the worse part about leftovers is that they usually sit in the fridge and get all old and moldy. Then you have to clean them out. So gross!

3.) I hate to wear sock and shoes. When I am at home I never wear them. In the summer if I have to I wear flip flops. In the winter if I am wearing socks, I have to take them off before going to bed. I can't stand wearing socks while I sleep. I love being bare foot.

4) I hate to be scared. I hate scary movies. If I watch them I usually end up scared for the next year over the stupid movie. I already have an over active imagination I don't need any help. I get scared so easy. I hate staying home alone at night. I usually end up hearing something and drive myself crazy all night. Yup I am one big scardy cat!

5.) I think this goes along with the clean freak thing but I can't stand things on top of the kitchen or bathroom counter. I like a clean slate. Justin always makes fun of me because I don't even like the toaster out. (Unless its being used of course.)

6.) I love my Soap. Soap Opera that is. I love watching Days of Our Lives. I started watching it with my Grandma when I was little. Now I am hooked. I have never watched any other one but I love catching up on my Days.

Now it's my turn to tag some people. Mikelle, Audra, Courtney, Valerie,Shanae,and Candi.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Interupt You Regularly Scheduled Program...

So viewers today we are providing you with a special treat. We have brought to you a guest commentator.....J~sizzle (Justin for those not quite in the know) [Applause]

Ahem. Well hello, thanks for having me on. I thought today I would give our viewers a different take on the Johnson lifestyle. The last few months have been a roller coaster to say the least. I feel like the first guy that stepped into the ring with some guy name Cassius Clay. Punch after punch after punch. I won't rehash the whole saga of Detroit but lets suffice it to say that if Dante was alive today he would have started "As he journeyed into the first circle of purgatory he passed a curious sign, 'Welcome to Detroit'..." But even in the foulest mud sometimes a diamond exists. D-town had a few: 
1) We had a great ward and went through the temple together there.
2) Holy restaurant variety Batman. Seemed like there were a thousand choices 
3) Growing up. Funny thing you think that at this point we would have been adults. We had lived on our own for five years. I had finished two college degrees. But I have to say that Detroit was our forging fire. Chelsea and I reached (I think at least) the desirable place of becoming something special. We were a couple, sealed together for all eternity, but through it all we remained individuals as well. I see lots of people around who lose themselves as part of their marriage and family. I am not saying its a bad thing to be united with your spouse, but sometimes I want to shout "Think for yourself once in a while, you are not a robot". Anyways I digress 
4) The friends. We had great friends in Detroit. 
  Neil and Crystal, one of the most perfect couples. I finally found a cool nerd like me Prescotts/Olsens/Jorgensens, This was our family back there. All will be missed. 
Elliots: Who would have thought one of best friends would be an Englishman on the high side of 50. Top this off with his whole family being awesome and things worked out great. Coworkers/others: The other people that made everyday life just a little better. 

But alas they are all still trucking along as Detroit begins the encompass the third and fourth levels. Since we have moved back the the great 'Ho things have been mostly good sprinkled with incredible runs of misfortune. Take this streak for example: 
Friday: I am looking forward to the weekend. Had been saving my birthday money for a new game I wanted. I guess I just couldn't hold off and decided to get my present early. 
Yup a Speeding Ticket. In the 8 years I have lived away from here I have not gotten a single speeding ticket (besides freshman college, doesn't count). I have been back for about two months and what happens bam! I think cops here need more crime, I mean something to do.

Pretty good Weekend. 
Monday: Driving home from work, about a mile awayfrom home...thump thump thump.

A flat tire. Of all the rotten luck. $100 bucks down the pipe. O well, change the tire and get moving we are going to the park tonight for frisbee golf. So to end this run of three I lost my sunglasses at the park. Now this wasn't no Walmart pair, but a lovely pair of Maui Jims. Hopefully somebody finds and enjoys them and the lawnmower doesn't eat them.

So all of the events have made me take a step back a revaluate my life. I have came up with a list:
Things I Don't Like:
  1) Walmart. I mean in general I like it. But whenever you need that one particular item you think, 'I will go to walmart I mean they have 1,000,000 items right.' Wrong they only have 999,999 because they dont have the one you need.

2) Settling down. It kind of depresses me to think we might not move again. Even though I dislike moving (see item 3) the adventure is always so much fun. I think about being an Idaho Fallsian for a long time and it makes me sad. 

3) Moving: It seems like you can never find all your stuff again. If anyone sees my block cheese-grater please return it. It is pretty freaking hard to zest a lemon without it.

Things I am not sure about:
1) My job. I am not sure I really want to be an engineer. I really want to be a teacher but there is the unfortunate difference in pay. Wait! I have a great idea, it an election year we can cast votes for CHANGE. See #2

2) The presedential race. I can't seriously believe this is the best America has to offer. I don't know who to vote for. I like a few things about both canidates, but by enlarge I am disillusioned. I sort of like Palin (she is a vandle after all), but question if she makes up for McCain. I really like Obama's ideas until it comes to the whole 'pillage everyone who works hard so that people who don't can be better off' redistribution of wealth. If you are a billionair who worked hard for your fortune, good for you. If you are a crack mama who sniffs your welfare check, To D*mn bad that is a choice you made. Again I digress.

Things I really Like:
1) Idaho. Man I love this state. The mountains, outdoors, mostly nice people. Since Cheech and I got married we have lived in four states and two countries and this one is definitly my favorite.

2) My boys. The are a pain sometimes but man I love them. Sometimes I feel so young to be a dad. But i wouldn't trade those two for the whole world.

3) My wife. She is the best. Everyday she has to juggle so many things. Simply amazing.

I guess the best thing is that those last two things cancel everything else out. As long as thats here the rest doesn't really much matter. I am done ranting now, hopefully our loyal readers are not upset. I guess to sum things up, the Johnson's have never been better. We have taken our punches and am looking forward to round two...

Monday, September 15, 2008

A house is made with walls and beams, a home is built with loves and dreams.

Our house is finally starting to take shape and is looking more like a home every day. For all of those who were wondering, we did buy our house. We got a great deal that we couldn't turn down. Yes we still have our house in Michigan as well. We have dropped the price and are hoping that it will bring in a buyer. And yes we of course thought that it would be a great idea to have two house at a time of economical strife. :) We defiantly feel lucky to have this house here and that things have worked out for us so well. (Now just cross your fingers that we can get that house sold in Michigan!)

This last weekend was wonderful. My little sister Tessa came in to town so we have been having lots of fun. Friday all us girls went shopping then bought our tickets for the parade of homes. (For those of you not familiar with the parade of homes it is pretty much one big home show. Different builders or people put their homes in the show and the public is able to buy tickets to view the homes.) Most of these homes that are in the parade of homes are just magnificent. So it is fun to go and see them. We were able to fit in a few homes before our stomachs lead us in another direction and we went and had a great meal at Ruby River steak house. We laughed so much and had so much fun being together. Saturday we looked at more houses, ate more, and did some more shopping. It's been great! Thanks to my wonderful husband who watched the kids all weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm back!

We finally got the internet at the house today so I am back in the land of the living. It is crazy how hard it is to go without the internet for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I haven't uploaded any pictures yet so I promise that I will post some very soon! We have been incredibly busy moving into our new house not to mention our little incident that turned into a big incident. So you see we bought a new washer and dryer @ Lowes and they delivered and installed them. Late one night after unpacking I decided to hurry and put a load in to wash before heading off to bed. Tired of waiting for the load I go to see how much time is left on the cycle. Well the wet carpet outside the door was my first clue, when I opened the door the laundry room floor was covered in water! It gets worse! There is a air vent right by the washer and since there is large amounts of water on floor it also started flowing down vent. So I wake up Justin and we run downstairs and water is dripping everywhere from the air vents! Well after putting the shop vacuum to some good use and using all our towels we finally got things somewhat cleaned up. So as it turns out the guy who installed the washer forgot to put the drain hose down the drain. Hmmmmm, I just don't even know what to say about that. So of course the next day we called Lowes and they sent people over to take care of damage. In their defense they have been great about getting this resolved. That still doesn't make me feel better about the fact that my carpet and carpet pad are ripped up, and that we had to have eight huge fans and two dehumidifiers running for two days straight to dry it all up. We were living in a wind tunnel! A very dry wind tunnel at that. So the fans have been removed and tomorrow morning the carpet will be back in place. We all have been suffering from bad allergies/colds since. I personally blame it on the dehumidifier. As if that all is not enough through all the excitement we have been trying to potty train kamden. Due to the circumstance things are going slow but he is doing good. Friday night we went to the fair, then we were able to see Uncle Jade for a bit. Saturday and Sunday Justin, his brothers, and dad went on a floating trip. I think that Justin would have had a lot more fun but he ended up coming home feeling crapy. (That dang dehumidifier I tell ya!) On Saturday Karsons cough was so dry I ended up running to Walmart at 12:30 in the morning for a humidifier. Ahhh the irony. So things have been pretty crazy! I think that those boxes down stairs might just have to stay packed up for awhile!!!