Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm back!

We finally got the internet at the house today so I am back in the land of the living. It is crazy how hard it is to go without the internet for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I haven't uploaded any pictures yet so I promise that I will post some very soon! We have been incredibly busy moving into our new house not to mention our little incident that turned into a big incident. So you see we bought a new washer and dryer @ Lowes and they delivered and installed them. Late one night after unpacking I decided to hurry and put a load in to wash before heading off to bed. Tired of waiting for the load I go to see how much time is left on the cycle. Well the wet carpet outside the door was my first clue, when I opened the door the laundry room floor was covered in water! It gets worse! There is a air vent right by the washer and since there is large amounts of water on floor it also started flowing down vent. So I wake up Justin and we run downstairs and water is dripping everywhere from the air vents! Well after putting the shop vacuum to some good use and using all our towels we finally got things somewhat cleaned up. So as it turns out the guy who installed the washer forgot to put the drain hose down the drain. Hmmmmm, I just don't even know what to say about that. So of course the next day we called Lowes and they sent people over to take care of damage. In their defense they have been great about getting this resolved. That still doesn't make me feel better about the fact that my carpet and carpet pad are ripped up, and that we had to have eight huge fans and two dehumidifiers running for two days straight to dry it all up. We were living in a wind tunnel! A very dry wind tunnel at that. So the fans have been removed and tomorrow morning the carpet will be back in place. We all have been suffering from bad allergies/colds since. I personally blame it on the dehumidifier. As if that all is not enough through all the excitement we have been trying to potty train kamden. Due to the circumstance things are going slow but he is doing good. Friday night we went to the fair, then we were able to see Uncle Jade for a bit. Saturday and Sunday Justin, his brothers, and dad went on a floating trip. I think that Justin would have had a lot more fun but he ended up coming home feeling crapy. (That dang dehumidifier I tell ya!) On Saturday Karsons cough was so dry I ended up running to Walmart at 12:30 in the morning for a humidifier. Ahhh the irony. So things have been pretty crazy! I think that those boxes down stairs might just have to stay packed up for awhile!!!


Jamie said...

That is an awful story, Chelsea! All in your new house! I am so sorry! I am glad it is all cleared up, now! Have fun with the potty training!

The WIlloughby Family said...

That really stinks! So where exactly are you guys living?? Do you like your new house?

The Squire Family said...

Chelsea! I am so glad you finally posted! Too bad it had to be such a crisis!! I can't wait to see pictures of your new house!! Do you still have a house in MI?? Good luck and post those pictures soon!