Friday, July 16, 2010


AHHHH Summertime.... we have been awaiting you for what seems like forever now. You have been timid and you took an extreamly long time to come this year. Finally you are here and we are very much enjoying you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More summer time fun!

One reason I love summer is because the fun never seems to stop! We had another nice relaxing weekend at the cabin. Thank heavens this time around the weather was a lot nicer. Although we did get to enjoy a few wonderful thunder and lightning storms.

Monday, July 12, 2010

How do you measure up?

I took all three boys to the Doctor for their well visits. It was nice that I was able to do it all at one time but holy cow was it hectic. Kamden and Karson were all over the place grabbing stickers turning on and off the light, grabbing those ear things. I even tried calming them down and reading a book to them but they wanted nothing to do with it. I was so embarrassed that my kids were acting totally out of control. I think the Dr. must think I run a zoo. He finally told the boys to leave the light alone and he took the stickers away. After that they calmed down a bit. Why is it that they will listen to a perfect stranger better then they listen to me? The whole time I am trying to hold Oliver and calm him down. When we arrived he was nicely asleep in his car seat but of course they made me wake him up and strip him down as soon as we got their so he wasn't to happy either. It was pure MADNESS. I was so happy to get out of there!

This is how the boys measure up!

Weight- 52lbs (97th percentile)
Height-47.5" (way above 99percentile, actually is around the average height of a 7 year old.)

Weight-34lbs (75th percentile)
Height-39" ( 80th percentile)

Weight-14lbs & 5oz (30th percentile)
Height-26" (75th percentile)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Forth of July Fun.

We enjoyed a great weekend in Island Park celebrating the fourth. It was a cold weekend but we still managed to have a lot of fun.

Happy Third Birthday to Karson!

Man I love this kid. He is spunky, and full of life. He has a mind of his own and marches to the own beat of his drum. He is stubborn and strong. He loves attention and his mama. He thrives on sympathy from anyone and everyone. He loves cartoons especially Caiou, Diego, and Dora. He loves to cuddle and hug. Most nights he tries to sneak into our bed at night. He loves to do things himself and his own way. He is brave and has no fears. He loves balls, hats, and especially helmets. He points to himself and says "I a lion, Rawr!" then points to me and says you a kitty". He skips and jumps around the yard. He loves to sit and watch sports with his dad. He loves chocolate milk and any kind of pasta. He loves to be held. He loves people. He is very sympathetic to others ouchys. He loves dirt and being dirty. He is incredibly charming. He is my little man Karson, boo bear, or Karsy. No doubt about it this one knows exactly how to grab your heart and wrap himself around it. Happy third Birthday Karson!

For his birthday we just had a nice little family party at our house. I had planned on only serving ice cream at the party because Karson loves ice cream! I realized this was a bad idea when on the day of his birthday I asked him what he wanted for his birthday breakfast and he replied "cake". Then again when I asked him what he wanted for lunch "cake". I decided to hurry and whip up a homemade cake. I ended up making a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I quickly decorated it and set it out. When the time came to eat it he went straight for the ice cream and forgot all about his cake. Hey at least the rest of us enjoyed it. He had a great time and especially loves his new helmet and gear from pa and tu tu. As a matter of fact the next day he even took a nap with it. So sweet! So happy to celebrate our little man Karson!