Friday, May 6, 2011

Good-bye winter already!

It seems like winter gets longer every year. This year over any other I have been ready for spring! It just can't seem to come soon enough. A week ago it was still snowing here in Idaho. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder why I live in a place where winter is 1/2 the year. We for sure have been going a little stir crazy waiting for some good weather. So now a quick two month update:

In march I spent a week at home with sick kids. I didn't do anything but laundry and playing nurse. I did catch an incredibly cute moment on camera though. To sick brothers cuddling.

I love that my husband through example has taught my boys how to treat a woman. Now everytime they go to Sams club it is not Justin getting me the flowers it is the boys insisting that mom needs them.

I have been putting it off but finally I just couldn't take it anymore. Olivers baby hair was just getting too long. So April 13th he finally got his first haircut.

The Cut:

Loosing Patience:
My baby turned into a boy:
Pretty cool that my mom has now given all three boys their first hair cut. Thanks mom!

And just because things just weren't quite crazy enough around here already, we added a little more fun! Meet our little Zoe Bear. We got her on March 29th and she was only six weeks old. She is growing super fast and we all have been enjoying her.

And they called it puppy love...

Don't worry Ellie is still getting plenty of love.

We had a great Easter weekend and enjoyed many Easter festivities. Easter Egg hunting good food, enjoying family, and the Easter bunny visit of course.

This past weekend we celebrated my 29th Birthday! We spent a couple of days in Boise with our good friends Chad and Amy Purser . We had a wonderful dinner at Tucanos, ate lunch at the Cheese cake factory, played games, and just had a lot of fun together. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday!

Back in Action Again!

I'm back. Finally. My poor blog has been neglected for so long. Now that Oliver is on the go I seem to find less and less time for blogging. I have a lot of fun and wonderful things to catch up. At the end of February (Yes I am that far behind) we took a family trip out to Mississippi. It happened to be the big week before Mardi Grass weekend. Oh boy did we have some fun. We even got to experience a Mardi Grass kids parade and boy was it crazy! They sure do love there parades down there. The boys and uncle Jade had a great time collecting beads. Jade was the master at it. Must be that incredibly charming face of his. We were there for over 5 hrs and we left with hundreds of beads.

Also while there we enjoyed the beach. The boys built sand castles. I'm not sure who had more fun the big boys (Jade, and Justin) or the little boys. Oliver loved the sand. He played in it, crawled in it and even rolled around in it for good measure. By the time we left the little boys had sand EVERYWHERE. Also while in Mississippi we went to Stennis Space Center. I got to go on the job site and see what Justin his dad and Jade have been working on for the last two years. It was pretty awesome to see how big the project really is. We then took the boys through the space museum. It was small but the boys enjoyed it. Also while there we went to a super nice dinner. I even tried, es-cargo, and oysters. Hurray for me. It actually was not near as bad as I was expecting. And of course what would Mississippi be without a little craw fish feast? The d

The day before we left we went into New Orleans and spent the day. We went to Bourbon street, took the kids to the New Orleans zoo, and enjoyed the scenery. I had a great time looking at all the different houses and learning about the different culture. It amazes me how different it is down there. Some of the houses are just beautiful! We enjoyed our time in Mississippi so much. It was great weather, even better company, and an all over fantastic trip! Thanks so much Jade and Meghan for the great time!My boys, especially Karson always asks me when we can go back to Mississippi.