Thursday, July 9, 2009

The big two!

Karson turned the big two years old June 30th. I took him to the Dr. and this is how he measures up.

Weight 27lbs 6 oz (42%)
Height 34,3/4" (64%)

We had a family party for him monday night and had lots of fun. The cute sandbox pa and tutu gave him.

We have sure enjoyed Karson being a part of our family. He is a very funny boy with a mind of his own. He is super determined, and strong willed. He loves to be active and climb, jump, dance, and run. Not much scares him. He loves animals, and balls. He loves to eat and is always messy in some way. He is mellow and dosn't talk much but has hilarious facial expressions that let you konw exactly what he thinks and feels. He is a very special boy, sweet, and loves to give hugs and kisses. Happy two year old birthday Karson we sure love you!