Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have a lot of fun events to post about but for now this one is just going to be a quicky. I wanted to come and post these adorable pictures Karson had taken at school.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Caught up!

Whew. That was a lot of blogging I just got caught up on. Now that I am all caught up I have some very exciting news to share. Oliver is WALKING!!! Just the other night (Feb 8th) he just up and started walking.

You can view video larger by clicking on full page in videos bottom right hand corner.

Baby O!

Oliver at 10 months-
Learned to climb up the stairs.
Eats three full meals a day.
Has three teeth.
Loves bath time.
Favorite word "Uh oh"
Walks holding on to furniture.
Stands up without grabbing things for support
Has become quite the little helper.
Crawls super fast. Especially if he is going for the stairs or dog bowls.
Has curly hair if I put product in it.

Oliver- 11 months old.
Climbs up stairs fast!
Loves Ellie dog.
Has developed quite the little temper. At night finally stopped giving him a bottle. When I go in there to calm him down and give him his Binky he throws it and screams at me. Or if when he is awake during the day you don't get the bottle quick enough for him he lays on the floor screaming and crying. He stops as soon as the bottle reaches his mouth.
He is very persistent.
Started eating more solid foods. Loves mac and cheese, peaches, stawberries, oranges. Still wont really eat much cheese or meats.
Starting taking steps around the middle of January. Takes about three to five before falling.
Has four teeth.

Lets get this blog updated!!! (see that motivation I have)

January- Uggg my least favorite month in the entire year. This year I found to hate it even more then normal. Everyone seems to get sick, everyone starts going a little stir crazy from being in doors twenty four seven, and most of us our lacking a little vitamin D due to the lack of the sun shinning. I have never cleaned up so much throw up in my life. The flu moved from Karson, to Kamden, to Oliver, to Justin, and then to me. The worst part was that after having a crazy and hectic week like that Justin and I had to talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. I am really hoping that January was the end of this years sickness. Of course January wasn't all bad.

Oliver turned 11 months old on January 21st.
We celebrated my moms birthday with her.
Justin has been enjoying ice fishing with his good friend Chad.
Justin took the scouts cross country skiing. They had a blast.
Had a visit from my cousin Kara, her hubby and her two adorable kids.
Got to see Tessa and her husband Page.
Read a lot of books!
Got to play in the snow. Riding snowmobiles and sledding.
Karson graduated from nursery and is now a sunbeam at church. (He still asks to go to nursery every week though.)
Enjoyed watching the Steelers play every weekend. (Justins all time favorite team) Although Justin didn't enjoy watching them loose the super bowl. : (
Kam and Kars loving school.
Oliver learning to walk.
Got lots of snuggle time with boys.

Okay so even though I hate the cold, and hate cleaning up throw up, life is still pretty dang good! I just hope this winter ends soon!

Karsons teacher painted his face. She is amazing!
They were learning about the letter K.

Snuggle time!

Look at this adorable hat Tu tu gave Karson for Christmas.
I just love it.

A new year.

So it's a new years and I always find myself setting goals the first of January. This year one of my goals was to get caught up on things. Life flies by fast but once you have kids life seems to speed up even more. The last five and a half years seem like a blur to me. I can't believe that this year I will have a six year old. Pretty crazy. It seems like a mothers life goes on hold for awhile while she tends to the needs of children. I'm okay with that. In fact most days I love being a mother. :) But the problem is how many things fall to the waste side while raising the kidos. Such as a blog perhaps. So this year I am trying to learn to keep up with everything while raising three crazy boys, and a husband. I have already got off to a crummy start. I find that this cold weather and dreary days give me absolutely no motivation! So yes it is the middle of February already and yes I am still needing some motivation but heres to a second start! Happy New Year, February style.

Christmas Card.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Where have I been you ask? Hibernating. It's cold outside and it makes me feel blah. Me and my babies have just been here cozying up. I hate winter and I can't wait for spring. Until then I plan to keep hibernating. But alas I had to come out of hibernation to update the blog. For the sake of the little fellas who will someday want to read all about themselves, and of course for the mother who will some day want to remember these long winter days with her three babies after they have all grown up. So heres to memories before I forget them.
December- Ahhh December the one winter month that I love. Of course this month was filled with a lot of Christmas joy. The decorations, the parties, the music....and of course the star of December,Christmas. This year we spent Christmas Eve at my parents house. My parents did something really fun this year. They surprised us with envelopes of money and told us we had three hours to go and spend our Christmas money. All us siblings and spouses loaded up in my moms suburban and spent three hours shopping for eight people. It was a lot of fun and such a great idea. When we got back we had dinner then showed my parents what we had all bought with our money. We had a nice Christmas program that we acted out and then we had a visit from Santa for the little boys...and a few big ones. We opened gifts and enjoyed our time together. I just love Christmas eve.

Christmas morning-It appears as though we were all good little girls and boys this year because Santa visited the Johnson home. The boys got new bunk beds and mom and dad got many things off their Christmas wish list. Grandpa and Grandma Voyles came down to celebrate Christmas morning with us. I am always so thankful to have such great family around to spend time with. Later that day we went down had brunch at Justins parents house. We spent some time visiting and the little boys once again got spoiled. Later that evening we were planning on going up to Chad and Debbies for dinner and games with the whole Johnson clan but just as we pulled to a stop at their house Karson threw up everywhere. We ended up going home with sicky and our Christmas dinner ended up being Maverick hot-dogs. Wow what a treat! It was the only place that was open and had food. That night Jade and Meghan came to visit and then we all got some much needed sleep.

The day after Christmas we packed our bags and headed up to the cabin. Justin wasn't feeling all that great and Karson was still a little glum. We had Christmas with the Johnson family and once again we got super spoiled by Santa. By that evening Karson was burning up with a fever and pretty lethargic. By the next morning he still had a temper and there was blood coming out of his ear. We called the doctor made an appointment and ended up having to leave Island park. Turns out Karon had a ruptured ear drum and got put on strong antibiotics to heal it up. Apparently it's just like a really bad ear ache. Luckily Kamden got to play in the snow a little before coming back home. Later that week Kam also got an ear infection. So the rest of the week was spent relaxing and getting kids on the mend. We got to hang out with Jade and Megan a couple more times. It is always fun to see them.

So that was pretty much our Christmas Vacation.