Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby O!

Oliver at 10 months-
Learned to climb up the stairs.
Eats three full meals a day.
Has three teeth.
Loves bath time.
Favorite word "Uh oh"
Walks holding on to furniture.
Stands up without grabbing things for support
Has become quite the little helper.
Crawls super fast. Especially if he is going for the stairs or dog bowls.
Has curly hair if I put product in it.

Oliver- 11 months old.
Climbs up stairs fast!
Loves Ellie dog.
Has developed quite the little temper. At night finally stopped giving him a bottle. When I go in there to calm him down and give him his Binky he throws it and screams at me. Or if when he is awake during the day you don't get the bottle quick enough for him he lays on the floor screaming and crying. He stops as soon as the bottle reaches his mouth.
He is very persistent.
Started eating more solid foods. Loves mac and cheese, peaches, stawberries, oranges. Still wont really eat much cheese or meats.
Starting taking steps around the middle of January. Takes about three to five before falling.
Has four teeth.

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