Thursday, February 10, 2011

A new year.

So it's a new years and I always find myself setting goals the first of January. This year one of my goals was to get caught up on things. Life flies by fast but once you have kids life seems to speed up even more. The last five and a half years seem like a blur to me. I can't believe that this year I will have a six year old. Pretty crazy. It seems like a mothers life goes on hold for awhile while she tends to the needs of children. I'm okay with that. In fact most days I love being a mother. :) But the problem is how many things fall to the waste side while raising the kidos. Such as a blog perhaps. So this year I am trying to learn to keep up with everything while raising three crazy boys, and a husband. I have already got off to a crummy start. I find that this cold weather and dreary days give me absolutely no motivation! So yes it is the middle of February already and yes I am still needing some motivation but heres to a second start! Happy New Year, February style.

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The WIlloughby Family said...

You are too funny!! Life does throw us for some crazy loops. Just remember "Its better late than never"...well at least I find myself saying that many times during the week or month, better yet the year! You are a fab Mom and Wife, so really what things matter more than that!