Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lets get this blog updated!!! (see that motivation I have)

January- Uggg my least favorite month in the entire year. This year I found to hate it even more then normal. Everyone seems to get sick, everyone starts going a little stir crazy from being in doors twenty four seven, and most of us our lacking a little vitamin D due to the lack of the sun shinning. I have never cleaned up so much throw up in my life. The flu moved from Karson, to Kamden, to Oliver, to Justin, and then to me. The worst part was that after having a crazy and hectic week like that Justin and I had to talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. I am really hoping that January was the end of this years sickness. Of course January wasn't all bad.

Oliver turned 11 months old on January 21st.
We celebrated my moms birthday with her.
Justin has been enjoying ice fishing with his good friend Chad.
Justin took the scouts cross country skiing. They had a blast.
Had a visit from my cousin Kara, her hubby and her two adorable kids.
Got to see Tessa and her husband Page.
Read a lot of books!
Got to play in the snow. Riding snowmobiles and sledding.
Karson graduated from nursery and is now a sunbeam at church. (He still asks to go to nursery every week though.)
Enjoyed watching the Steelers play every weekend. (Justins all time favorite team) Although Justin didn't enjoy watching them loose the super bowl. : (
Kam and Kars loving school.
Oliver learning to walk.
Got lots of snuggle time with boys.

Okay so even though I hate the cold, and hate cleaning up throw up, life is still pretty dang good! I just hope this winter ends soon!

Karsons teacher painted his face. She is amazing!
They were learning about the letter K.

Snuggle time!

Look at this adorable hat Tu tu gave Karson for Christmas.
I just love it.

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