Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boot Camp Graduation.

Last Tuesday we (my mom,dad,and myself) picked up our rental van and headed out on our 22 hr drive to Oklahoma. We stopped in Utah and picked up my little sister and then headed on. We drove through the night and most of the next day and finally made it 24 hours later to Lawton OK. What a long drive it was. Thursday we were able to spend the day with Austin and he showed us around the Fort Sill base. It was fun to see how he has been living for the last 10 weeks at boot camp. We were able to eat at the chow hall, not so appetizing I gotta say, but fun to experience. The next day we went to Austin's Graduation. I was so proud of my brother for the wonderful things he had accomplished. The next few days we were able to take Austin off the base and spend some time with him. It was so good to see him again and be with him. We had to drop him off on Sunday afternoon and we began our long journey home. This time we stopped in a hotel to sleep then awoke to have another 12 hour day of driving. It was a nice trip and I was so glad to see Austin. He looked great. Thank you to Justin for all his help with the boys along with my sister Audra and my mother in law. Without them I couldn't have possibly left. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spud day madness.

Yup its that time of year again. The day that we celbrate the potatoe! It is such a fun day for our community and I am so glad that I get to be a part of it. Our day kicked off with the annual spud day parade. Karson and Porter waiting for the parade to start.

Kamden with his hand on his heart! How sweet!

Karson waiting for some more candy to be thrown his way.

The fire truck sirens were a little loud for Kamden.

Karson and Aunt Tessa.

After the parade we headed over to get a free spud. They are the best baked potatoes ever. I am not sure what makes them so good but there has never been a better spud than the ones at spud day. The rest of the time we enjoyed walking around looking at all the booths, chatting with friends, and enjoying the sun. It was a beautiful day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

News Flash, Read All About It!

We are very excited to announce that baby number three is on its way. He or She should arrive around Febuary 18th. In a couple weeks we get to find out the gender of the baby and we of course are keeping our fingers crossed for a little girl. But girl or not we couldn't be any happier to add another litte rugrat to the mix.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ride Sally ride.

September is in full swing and we couldn't be having more fun. I love this time of year. We have so many fun and exciting things going on. Not only do we have a busy month packed with fun, but the weather is so nice. Warm during the day and cool at night. It truly is a wonderful month.

To do a little back tracking we started off the month camping over labor day weekend. We had a great camping spot up in Killgore. Unfortuantly just as we were on the top of a mountain, on a four wheeler ride, I pulled out my camera to get a picture of our beautiful view only to realize there was no memory stick in it. Darn it! So I ended up with no pictures of our fun weekend. We had a good time, fishing, shooting guns, riding four wheelers, playing in the creek, Geocaching, sitting around the campfire, and getting plenty dirty.

Also I wanted to report that Kamdens second day of school went much better. No tears just smiles.

Preschool stats:
Name of preschool: Cat and the Fiddle.
Teachers names: Jana and Joan
Days at school: Mon, Tues, and Wed
Time at school: 11:15-2:15

Here is a cute little project he brought home on Tuesday.

One of the great things about September is the state fair. I have always loved going and now that I have kids it just gets even better. Yesterday we spent the day at the fair. Lukcily this time I had a memory stick in my camera and captured some of our fun.

More fun news to come....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kams in Preschool.

Kamdens 1st day of Preschool.
Sept 8th, 2009

He was very excited about his backpack he picked out all by himself the day before.

Kamden had been very excited to get to go to school but once we droped him off he was a little timid. When it was time for us to say good-bye he started to cry and didn't want to go. His teacher Jana held his hand and helped distract him as we made our get away. It was hard to see him cry but I knew that once he got inside the school he would have so much fun.

Drop off. Good bye Kam! Because the school is in a house in a residental area we cant park in front of the school but instead park a little down the road in a designated pick up spot. All the kids hold on to a rope and walk across the street with the teachers. It is pretty cute.

Picking Kam up after school. Here they come crossing the street. Notice Kam holding tightly to his teachers hand.
All Smiles!!!
When we got in the car he imediatly started telling me all the fun things that they had done that day. He told me: " Ma my teacher is so funny, she is a really nice lady. Ma I love my teacher so much. Do you love my teacher too ma." WEll of course I do! :) I am so excited for this new adventure in my little mans life and know that he will have a great year at school!

Also I wanted to add this cute picture of Karson waiting for his big brother to get out of school for the day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everyone needs a Gator to ride.

Earlier this summer my mom surprised the Grandkids with a brand new toy at her house. A John Deer Gator. They can't get enough of it and want to ride it all the time. They sure are lucky they have such a nice Nana!