Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kams in Preschool.

Kamdens 1st day of Preschool.
Sept 8th, 2009

He was very excited about his backpack he picked out all by himself the day before.

Kamden had been very excited to get to go to school but once we droped him off he was a little timid. When it was time for us to say good-bye he started to cry and didn't want to go. His teacher Jana held his hand and helped distract him as we made our get away. It was hard to see him cry but I knew that once he got inside the school he would have so much fun.

Drop off. Good bye Kam! Because the school is in a house in a residental area we cant park in front of the school but instead park a little down the road in a designated pick up spot. All the kids hold on to a rope and walk across the street with the teachers. It is pretty cute.

Picking Kam up after school. Here they come crossing the street. Notice Kam holding tightly to his teachers hand.
All Smiles!!!
When we got in the car he imediatly started telling me all the fun things that they had done that day. He told me: " Ma my teacher is so funny, she is a really nice lady. Ma I love my teacher so much. Do you love my teacher too ma." WEll of course I do! :) I am so excited for this new adventure in my little mans life and know that he will have a great year at school!

Also I wanted to add this cute picture of Karson waiting for his big brother to get out of school for the day.


Matt and Jessie said...

Glad to see he eneded up liking it. What cute pictures!

Celeste Adams said...

The 1st day of school is always hard. Harder for the momma! Hang in there it gets easier! Pretty soon you'll start thinking of all of the things you can get done while he is gone.

The WIlloughby Family said...

Ahhh so cute! I remember my first day of preschool, I cried too!!

Valerie said...

way to go Kam, it's such a huge deal having them go for the first time. I love the last picture of Karson too...just waiting. Briggs waits for stock every day ha ha ha

Janica said...

What a heart-wrenching day, huh? He is SUCH a darling pre-schooler! I bet he is going to have SO much fun this year:)

Jamie said...

Those are really cute pictures! I can't believe he is already in preschool! Congrats, Kamden!