Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm getting some much needed R and R at the cabin right now but just wanted to take a little time out to introduce Mr. Justin T. Johnson!! Several of you read his blog post last year on our family blog and due to many request he has now started his own. It's witty, smart, and defiantly entertaining, so you can check it out at


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I think I see a leprechaun.

Yesterday we woke up to find that we had been visited by a leprechaun. There was a trail of tiny green footprints from the garage to the fridge, then going up the fridge. Inside we found that the leprechaun had drank some of our milk and turned it green. Kamden was so excited!!! For the rest of the day Kamden kept talking about the footprints and the milk. He told everyone he could about it. He kept looking out the window saying "mom I think I see the leprechaun!" That night the leprechaun left another surprise, some green balloons and green treats. The boys had fun playing with their balloons. It was a great St. Patricks day.

I love the look on Kamdens face when he sees the green milk.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Help yourself.

Although I don't recall the words "Help Yourself" coming from my mouth today, that must have been what Karson heard because that is exactly what I found him doing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March has blown right in.

Well it is already March and I have been so behind on my blogging. Not that there has been to much excitement going on around here. Last month both boys were sick and then they both ended up having ear infections. Well Justin and I were feeling left out so we decided to go and get ourselves a nice case of the flu. It started this past weekend. Justin had a weekend ski trip planned with some coworkers and my sister was coming to stay with me. Justin ended up sick in the lodge and I ended up down in bed while my sister watched my kids. The next few days my parents helped us out while the flu blew through us. Justin is still super warn out, and I still have a nasty cough but we both are on the mend. Luckily the boys got flu shots, so neither of them caught it. Next year I will for sure get myself one too.

So I have decided that I have two little monkeys, not children. They are all over the place. It must be a case of spring fever. I can't seem to keep them entertained enough, or come up with enough fun things for them to do. They have so much energy! It doesn't help that I have been sick in bed. This morning I was catching up on some much needed laundry. (You know its bad when you have more dirty clothes then clean ones.) When I heard the boys giggling. I went in the bathroom and found Karson naked sitting on the toilet. Kamden informed me that he was trying to go potty. Kamden had taken off Karsons clothes and diaper and helped him up. Karson was ecstatic and so happy to be sitting on the toilet like a big boy. He didn't end up actually using the potty but he did give it a good try. Kamden was more then happy to help his little bro.

Last night I didn't get around to bathing the boys so I did it this morning. When I got them out I thought they looked so cute in their little lion towells so I took some pictures. I was taking one of Kamden when all the sudden I heard a little Ppppssssss!! I turned around and their Karson was in all his glory peeing on the carpet. Oh geeez! Why did I want carpet again?

I can't wait for it to warm up so we can run around and play outside. It will be so nice to get some of their energy used up. And on the bright side if Karson pees on the grass I wont even have to clean it up! YAY!