Thursday, March 10, 2011


What a joy this last year has been having little Oliver in our family. I just can not believe how fast a year has gone by. Seems like just last week I was bringing him home from the hospital. Having three wonderful boys has been such a blessing in our lives and has brought us so much joy. We are so grateful for the opportunity we have to raise these boys. Everyday I pray for the guidance and strength to give these boys what they need to become great men some day.

So the day after Olivers first birthday he had his baby well visit. How does he measure up. Well he is a little thing. Here is the stats.

Height-30.5" Somewhere in the 70th% (not to bad)
Weight-19.5lbs Somewhere in the 10th% (yikes what a runt)

The Dr. wasn't worried to much about it because he was following a steady growth curve. Although he did tell me to give him pedisure at night (a very fatty high protein drink for kids.) and to continue waking up with him at night to feed him. There goes any hopes of a restful nights sleep. Luckily I can do anything for my kids. : ) At the appointment the Dr was impressed with Olivers walking capabilities and his friendliness. Unfortunately he found that Olivers ear was infected and got us a prescription for antibiotics. Maybe I should say Fortunately the Dr noticed Oliver had an ear infection and got us meds for him, because a plane ride three days later with no meds would have been miserable! So thank you DR. Unfortunately though Oliver had an ear infection indeed, along with two shots, and a finger prick. What a rough day for my little man. Good thing he is such a great little trooper.

Oliver at one year:
  • Walks all over the place. Nothing slows this guy down.
  • Is into everything! Has figured out how to open cupboards, draws, and toilets.
  • when the boys are on the ground wrestling he loves to get involved.
  • Is a terrible eater. Has been eating mostly all solids will not eat, meat, cheese, or peas. When he does eat, the quantity is small.
  • Still has a bottle although i am slowly taking him off formula and switching to whole milk. The Dr. did tell me though that I should be in no hurry to take his bottle away seeing as though that is where he gets a lot of his calories.
  • Waves good-bye, claps his hands, picks up toys and helps but them in bucket.
  • Can get off couch by himself.
  • Loves bath time and splashing.
  • Is a mommies boy and loves to cuddle with his blanket and mommy.
  • Loves people in general. doesn't take long for him to warm up to someone.
  • Loves following Ellie around the house saying "Hi dog". He can also say Ellie.
  • Loves waking up and seeing his brothers. He always says "hi boys" or tries anyways.
  • Hates waiting!
  • So determined. If he has got the dog bowl on his mind he WILL get the dog bowl. No matter how much you try distracting him away from it.

Look who is the big ONE!

Happy Birthday my little Ollie! February 21st we celebrated Olivers 1st Birthday.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What would a year be with out a day celebrating LOVE. We did our traditional heart shaped pizzas and shared the love. Besides all you need is love, right!

My valentine the Mountain man.

I tried getting a picture of the two eldest monkeys but they were too busy playing with Nanas awesome Valentine goodie bags she brought them.

Here comes the tooth fairy.

Little mister Kamden came to me and showed me he had a loose tooth. I was a bit surprised since he is still kinda young to be loosing teeth. He was very excited and could not leave the tooth alone. I jokingly told him that I would tie some string to it and the other end to a door and then we could slam the door shut and it would pull his tooth out. He thought that was a great idea and kept asking me to do it. Ooops. I didn't think he would actually want to. Finally the next day when he had worked the tooth even more loose I got some floss tied it to the tooth and yanked it out. He was so happy. Unfortunately 10 min later the tooth was lost somewhere in the house (I still have not found it). Kamden had it in a little box and it somehow escaped. So we wrote a note to the tooth fairy and left it under Kam's pillow instead. The next morning he came to me super excited and showed me the money the 3 dollars she had left for him. Oh how fun it is to be young and believe. It's moments like these that make it all worth it!