Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This last weekend my little sis got married. Friday night she had a reception at my parents house and Saturday we all traveled down to Logan for the wedding. It was so nice to be able to support Tessa and Page and be there with them. Congratulations Tessa and Page we wish you a eternity of love, happiness, and laughter.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look who is already a month old.

The first month of life with little Ollie has been so amazing! We really have been enjoying him so much. It is amazing how much joy and love a new life brings into a home.

Some stats about our little O:

He loves to be held and is such a little cuddle bug. As a matter of fact I nicknamed him Roo because he is like a baby Kangaroo who always wants to be held.
Wakes every two hours to eat.

For the most part has not been very fussy, except for when he lacks sleep then he gets very CRANKY!

Has extremely long fingers and toes.

When we gave him his first bath he hated it. Now he is okay with them but hates to get out.

Loves to snuggle!

Likes to watch peoples faces and listen to them talk.

When he was about two weeks old he started cooing at me when I would talk to him.

Likes his baby swing.

Hates getting dressed.

Loves the binky already.

He sure has been a lot of fun!

One week old.

Two weeks Old.

Three weeks Old.

Four weeks Old.

St. Pattys Day.

We always enjoy a Holiday around here so of course on St. Patricks Day we had to do something fun.

The traditional green footprints left by our visit from the leprechaun. This year he left the boys a note, dyed our milk green, and left a surprise on the counter for the boys.

Later that night we enjoyed a dinner of green eggs and ham.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Say what?

Kamden has been having some struggles with his speech. Finally after a year of trying to get him into the school districts free speech therapy program they finally accepted him. We were very happy seeing as though to hire a private speech therapist cost mega $$$. At this age they have them attend a preschool class at the school and then the speech therapist pulls them out during the class to work with them. We didn't want to pull him out of his current preschool because they do a great job, so he now goes to both. At first I was worried that five days a week might be a bit much but he absolutely loves it. Every morning he wakes up and asks me "Mom today do I go to my old preschool or my new one?" One super exciting thing for him has been riding the bus. The first time he rode it he was a little hesitant but ever since then he can't wait for it to come and pick him up. I have to admit that I too was a little nervous at first about the bus, but luckily it is only preschoolers on it. Kam is the first one picked up in the morning and the last one dropped off. Kind of makes for a long bus ride, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by that. Another fun new thing for him is that he now gets to pack a lunch to take to the school. It is fun seeing him carry his cute little lunch box around and he gets so excited about what we put in it. Hopefully with the extra school and speech help he will be all ready for Kindergarten come Fall.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thats what its all about.

As you can imagine having three boys, all under the age of 5, and one of which is a newborn, has been pretty... ummm entertaining. Although there is those occasional times when my sleep deprived self just wants to run into my closet and hide, things for the most part have been pretty good. Better then I thought!

Here is the rundown...

Week one after little Olivers birth. I was living in pure bliss. We all were enjoying our new little addition. Kamden and Karson loved to hold their little brother. Sleep deprivation has yet to sink in. Justin was home to help out around the house and we had lots of visitors. At the end of the week we found out that Oliver was not gaining enough weight therefor we had to start supplementing him with formula. (This came as no big surprise to me seeing as though we had to do this with the other two boys.) Well maybe I shouldn't say supplementing because we actually ended up going to all formula. Hey don't give me that look some of us just aren't milk cows!

Week Two- Justin has to return to work and I (GASP) have to manage all three kids for the first time. Things went pretty smooth. We just stayed close to home and kept things pretty low key. Thursday Kamden started his new preschool. ( I will write another post about this.) My first time getting out with all three kids by myself. It all went pretty good. Oliver had his two week check-up and passed with flying colors. We were happy to see that he was gaining weight back and now weighs 8lbs. Thank heavens for formula or my poor baby would have starved!

Week Three- This is the week I thought about running into my closet to hide. Full sleep deprivation has set in. All three boys manage to cry in unison several times a day. How is it that I am supposed to make a bottle, wipe a bum, and get cartoons going in one fail swoop? Justin and Karson both manage to get colds, and I stress about little bambino staying healthy. By the end of week three I am completely exhausted, but still alive!

Week Four- Things calm down a bit or maybe I've just gone delirious! Were in a bit more of a routine and I have figured out some very important stress saving tips. Lock pantry, fridge, and doors at all times. Leave bath time to night time when there is two adults to supervise instead of one. Do not try baking cookies, dinner, or anything until dad is home. Forget the shower just put on more deodorant! Yes the T.V is a babysitter and don't even think about keeping a clean house. Plan an extra 15 min to get ready to go anywhere. And last but not least...Give plenty of hugs and kisses, play cars with the boys and read lots of books. Cuddle the baby and hold him as much as possible. Kiss an ouchy to make Kars feel better. Listen to the first coos of Oliver. Color and paint with Kamden. These are my stress relievers and these are the things that make it all worth it.

It reminds me of a song by Brooks and Dunn called "That's what its all about"! This is the lyrics to the verse I particularly like:

Well, they won't go to bed or do what you said or eat their food:An' they cry and they fuss and you can't even cuss 'cause they'll say it too.An' you're tired and you're numb an' you're stressed and you're mad,An' she smiles and says: "I love you, Dad." Hey, that's what it's all about.Hey, this is the life I couldn't live without.No, I couldn't live without.It's a moment frozen there in time,When the reasons all begin to rhyme;Where love's a little bigger an' you finally start figurin' out,That's what it's all about.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby snuggles are the sweetest!

This is what I have been busy snuggling.

And Im not the only one!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birth Story.

Some people say that there is no such thing as love at first sight, but I believe otherwise. At exactly 8:48 February 21st I saw my little Ollie for the first time and as soon as I did my heart swelled up with love. Of course the birth story really began about a week prior so lets rewind.

Saturday night February 13th I started having contraction. As the night went on so did they and as they progressed I wondered to myself if this was it. I was timing them and was awake all night when they had steadily been going on for about two hours, at five min apart and pretty painful I finally called my mom to come up and stay with the boys. She got up here around 3:30 in the morning and as I was waking Justin up to get ready to go to the hospital the contractions started slowing down. Luckily I didn't go in to the hospital because a few hours later the contractions had completely stopped. I had sent my mom home and Justin was back in bed. As the week went on the contractions kept coming on and off. Tuesday I had a Dr.s appointment and I was very disappointed to find out I wasn't even dilated! All these contractions I had been having was good for nothing. With my due date soon approaching, the 18th I was feeling anxious. The doctor sent me home and told me to come back on Monday to see where I was. So I went home to wait it out and endure yet more false labor contractions!

Thursday night I was feeling pretty lousy and my dad offered to go and get dinner and bring it to our house. I was really in the mood for Chinese food so being the wonderful father that he is he brought me Chinese. After the meal we all did the traditional opening of the fortune cookie and mine read "You will enjoy doing something different this weekend." and my lucky number was 21. We laughed at it and joked that baby Johnson would be born that weekend on the 21st. Little did we know it was no joke!

So early Sunday morning once again I am feeling pretty crappy due to these false labor contractions. (Why they call it false labor I have no idea because it feels very real!) At this point I am getting pretty annoyed and thinking this baby is never going to come on its on and I am just going to have to continue dealing with these contractions that are leading up to nothing. At about 3:00 the contractions became five min apart, and by 4:00 they were a steady three min apart and getting pretty intense. In my head I was thinking "Here we go again with the false labor". Justin on the other hand was getting all excited and trying to convince me to go in to the hospital. The last thing I wanted was to go into the hospital and have them tell me it was just false labor and to go back home. Once Justin started looking up how to deliver a baby at home, getting out clean towels, and washing his arms up to his elbows, I decided we for his sake should probably go in. We got to the hospital a little after 5:00 they got me set up in a room and checked me and sure enough I was dilated to a five. Hip Hip Hooray get me that epidural! It didn't take long for the anesthesiologist to get there and he started me on my epidural. Only it didn't work. It numbed me a little but I could still feel the contractions coming and going. So he removed it and did it again. This one took a little more but yet I could still feel the need to pee so he said it wasn't good enough and asked if he could try it one more time. Luckily at this point some of the epidural is working and I'm feeling pretty good, so sure why not, poke me one more time. Well third time is a charm because hallelujah it worked! The only thing I could feel was pressure to push! At this point it is around 8:30 and they check me only to find that I am dilated to a 10 and baby is ready to come. They went to get the Dr. (mine was out of town)he came in broke my water and told me he would be back in 10 min. The nurse started me pushing, then stopped me! She ran to get the Doctor because this baby was coming now. Doctor Robinson ran in, sat down and after two more pushes baby O shot out. No I am not exaggerating. The cord was wrapped around his neck and as the Dr. turned to get a tool to unwrap it I kept pushing and the cord spring loaded Oliver right into the Dr. lap. So at 8:48 Baby Oliver weighing 7lbs 7oz and 20 1/2" long joined our family and yes it was love at first sight.

Maybe there really is something to the old fortune cookie after all!