Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby snuggles are the sweetest!

This is what I have been busy snuggling.

And Im not the only one!


Jamie said...

Thanks for the pictures! He is such a cute little guy! I am sorry that we haven't been able to get over to see him, but hopefully soon!

I am so glad everything is going good for you and your guys! We love you all!

Crystal said...

Enjoy all those boys Chelsea, they are so great. There's nothing like being the #1 woman for 4 men!

The WIlloughby Family said...

I am totally green with envy!! I wish I were there getting those cute baby snuggles!! He is a little man, SOOOO cute!!!! I will give you a call, I will be up there this week, hopefully I can catch ya this time :)

The Squire Family said...

OK, that pic of Justin and the boys is the cutest thing ever! You got some great shots! Do you have a fancy camera or something?

Sharon said...

You are a truly blessed family.
What good looking boys you have.
Congratulations on the new little Oliver. I love the name you have chosen and the great story of his arrival.
God bless you all.
Aunt Sharon

Erich said...

Hey Congratulations. It's so fun he definitly looks like his brothers. Hope you are feeling well! Did you know the 21st is my dad's b-day too. Good day!

kholbro said...

Congrats Chelsea! He's darling - glad you are both doing fine!