Monday, March 22, 2010

Thats what its all about.

As you can imagine having three boys, all under the age of 5, and one of which is a newborn, has been pretty... ummm entertaining. Although there is those occasional times when my sleep deprived self just wants to run into my closet and hide, things for the most part have been pretty good. Better then I thought!

Here is the rundown...

Week one after little Olivers birth. I was living in pure bliss. We all were enjoying our new little addition. Kamden and Karson loved to hold their little brother. Sleep deprivation has yet to sink in. Justin was home to help out around the house and we had lots of visitors. At the end of the week we found out that Oliver was not gaining enough weight therefor we had to start supplementing him with formula. (This came as no big surprise to me seeing as though we had to do this with the other two boys.) Well maybe I shouldn't say supplementing because we actually ended up going to all formula. Hey don't give me that look some of us just aren't milk cows!

Week Two- Justin has to return to work and I (GASP) have to manage all three kids for the first time. Things went pretty smooth. We just stayed close to home and kept things pretty low key. Thursday Kamden started his new preschool. ( I will write another post about this.) My first time getting out with all three kids by myself. It all went pretty good. Oliver had his two week check-up and passed with flying colors. We were happy to see that he was gaining weight back and now weighs 8lbs. Thank heavens for formula or my poor baby would have starved!

Week Three- This is the week I thought about running into my closet to hide. Full sleep deprivation has set in. All three boys manage to cry in unison several times a day. How is it that I am supposed to make a bottle, wipe a bum, and get cartoons going in one fail swoop? Justin and Karson both manage to get colds, and I stress about little bambino staying healthy. By the end of week three I am completely exhausted, but still alive!

Week Four- Things calm down a bit or maybe I've just gone delirious! Were in a bit more of a routine and I have figured out some very important stress saving tips. Lock pantry, fridge, and doors at all times. Leave bath time to night time when there is two adults to supervise instead of one. Do not try baking cookies, dinner, or anything until dad is home. Forget the shower just put on more deodorant! Yes the T.V is a babysitter and don't even think about keeping a clean house. Plan an extra 15 min to get ready to go anywhere. And last but not least...Give plenty of hugs and kisses, play cars with the boys and read lots of books. Cuddle the baby and hold him as much as possible. Kiss an ouchy to make Kars feel better. Listen to the first coos of Oliver. Color and paint with Kamden. These are my stress relievers and these are the things that make it all worth it.

It reminds me of a song by Brooks and Dunn called "That's what its all about"! This is the lyrics to the verse I particularly like:

Well, they won't go to bed or do what you said or eat their food:An' they cry and they fuss and you can't even cuss 'cause they'll say it too.An' you're tired and you're numb an' you're stressed and you're mad,An' she smiles and says: "I love you, Dad." Hey, that's what it's all about.Hey, this is the life I couldn't live without.No, I couldn't live without.It's a moment frozen there in time,When the reasons all begin to rhyme;Where love's a little bigger an' you finally start figurin' out,That's what it's all about.


Audra said...

Crazy, yes but sooo worth it!

taylia said...

You guys are great parents! Hang in gets better (you know after the "baby" stage). They are sure all super cute though! Thinking about you guys!

The WIlloughby Family said...

I loved your stories you always make me laugh!!! At first I laughed and by the end I was holding back the tears. O loved seeing you and we WILL do it again, SOON!!!!

TBird and Mikelle said...

I loved this post! Your boys are cute!

Leslie said...

You are such a great mom! Kee it up!