Sunday, September 26, 2010

7 Months Old

Oliver is now 7 Months old. Here is some new things he has been doing lately:

  • Does a 360 turn on belly using only belly and hands.
  • Enjoys eating carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches and apple sauce. Still will not eat rice cereal unless it is mixed with apple juice. Cant seem to feed him fast enough.
  • Loves putting everything in his mouth.
  • He has discovered his tongue and he sticks it out all the time.
  • Scoots himself backwards.
  • Every since we stopped swaddling him about a month ago he has become a terrible sleeper.
  • Gets easily distracted when eating a bottle by his two very adoring brothers.
  • Starting to get very hesitant of strangers.
  • Is pretty patient but when he gets upset it is 0-100 in seconds.
  • Loves taking a bath in the big tub and splashing everywhere.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My little Kam man started his first day of Kindergarten on Monday! He is attending Monticello Montessori Charter school. It is a brand new school in the school district and we are so happy to be able to get Kamden into it. I have heard such great things about the Montessori program and am really hoping that it will help Kamden excel. They started late in the season because they were waiting for the school to be built. On Saturday we were able to go to the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies. Kamden has been so excited about starting school again. He has patiently been waiting while he watches Karson go. We drove past his school several times this summer watching the progress. That was pretty fun for Kamden. He was pretty excited Monday morning to finally be able to go. Justin came with me to drop him off. He took Kamden into the classroom and got him all ready. As soon as he went to leave Kamden broke out in tears. Ahhh my sweet little Kamden. The next days drop off went much better. He was still a bit timid but as soon as his teacher acknowledged him he went and grabbed her hand and was ok. There is one thing I know for the end of the year Kamden will not want to leave the place.

10 year class reunion.

Justin and I attended our 10 year High School reunion. Thats right folks 10 big years have flown by! Although there isn't much to say about the actual reunion it was super fun catching up with good friends. I wish I would have taken more pictures but this is all I got.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spud day!

One of the fondest memories I have of growing up is going to parades. My dad loved taking us and there was always lots of joy and excitement. One of my absolute favorite parades is the Spud Day parade held in my hometown. I love being able to go back and take my kids there and see the excitement and joy they get from going. They LOVED the parade.

Of course after the parade we had to go and enjoy a free spud. The park was packed so we didn't stick around to long.


When I started Oliver on rice cereal a couple months ago it was a huge flop. He wanted nothing to do with the stuff and every day I kept trying and he would just spit it out and make a huge mess. When he had his six month well visit with the Dr. I told him about it and he told me to stop, and try again in a couple weeks. Oliver was just not quite ready for it. So I tried again a couple weeks ago but instead of mixing formula with the rice cereal I used apple juice. Oliver was a mad man, and devoured it. The other day I decided to start on the real stuff. First real food, CARROTS! Although at first Oliver was a little hesitant he ended up eating the entire jar. I just love his little carrot face.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Time!

Back to school for my two boys. You might think I am talking about Kam and Kars ... Nope not this time. It's back to school for these two handsome devils.

Yes I might have you a bit confused but it is true not only did Karson start his first day of preschool today but also two weeks ago Justin returned to school. Just call him Professor Johnson. That's right this time instead of being the student he will now be the teacher. He couldn't be more excited about it. He is teaching- Introduction to Business class at Idaho State University. He teaches two classes, both are night classes. This is perfect for Justin he has always wanted to teach and it is so awesome to see his dreams come true. I am sure he will be an amazing teacher and I can't wait to go and sit in on one of his classes.

As for Karson today was his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. All last year he sat and watched while Kamden got to go and now it's his turn. He was pretty darn excited. Yesterday we told him that he got to start school tomorrow, he responded by saying "NO TODAY!" He will be going to the same place we had Kamden last year and we are so excited for our little man. When Justin dropped him off he was not timid at all and just went in and sat down. He was happy as a clam when I picked him up. I know he is a still so young but I think it will be great for him!