Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My little Kam man started his first day of Kindergarten on Monday! He is attending Monticello Montessori Charter school. It is a brand new school in the school district and we are so happy to be able to get Kamden into it. I have heard such great things about the Montessori program and am really hoping that it will help Kamden excel. They started late in the season because they were waiting for the school to be built. On Saturday we were able to go to the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies. Kamden has been so excited about starting school again. He has patiently been waiting while he watches Karson go. We drove past his school several times this summer watching the progress. That was pretty fun for Kamden. He was pretty excited Monday morning to finally be able to go. Justin came with me to drop him off. He took Kamden into the classroom and got him all ready. As soon as he went to leave Kamden broke out in tears. Ahhh my sweet little Kamden. The next days drop off went much better. He was still a bit timid but as soon as his teacher acknowledged him he went and grabbed her hand and was ok. There is one thing I know for the end of the year Kamden will not want to leave the place.

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