Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes I took a 3 month + hiatus from my blog. But the fans have been begging me/harassing me to update the dang blog. I can't complain though, its nice to have fans. Especially my biggest one, my mother in law Janice. Love you mom!

So here it is 3 months + update in mostly pictures. Forgive me for the lack of documentation. I don't have that much time you know. Of course all your really here for is pictures anyways right. Okay so a review in pictures then:

Summer- We had a wonderful summer. It went by way to fast! We kept ourselves very busy and enjoyed the warm weather...


4th of July-

BBQ in Utah with Michigan Gang-

Trip to Twin Falls-

Harker reunion-

Celebrated our nine year anniversary.

Boating with friends.

Swimming lessons-

And some cute random ones from this summer,

Well all good things must come to an end so back to school it is. Kams first day of school! We started a tradition this year and decided on the first day of school we would go out for breakfast.

Karson started his second year of preschool a couple weeks later. He was super excited to go back to Cat and the Fiddle. He loves it there.

The month of August was so busy. With Justins Birthday, our anniversary, and back to school, also Justin climbed the tetons, and backpacked the grand canyon. I will have to let him blog about it. Now Fall is in full swing. I will have to blog about that later but for now this will have to do. :)