Monday, June 27, 2011

Jumbo May Post.

The time I get to update my blog is few and far between. Although it is way past due I am finally making the time for an update! Long gone are the days with several mini post in a month. Now the new and improved Jumbo post. Included in one post, months of fun! So here we go, flip back the pages of time to May.
The month started of with a bang. Just before Midnight on May 1st there was a knock at the door. I was a little surprised seeing as though it was a little late for someone to be knocking on our door. Surprised indeed. It was my brother Austin who I thought was in Iraq. Turns out he got two weeks off for leave and came home. He didn't tell anyone and just surprised us all. We were so excited to have him home for a couple weeks and when the time came to say good-bye it was super hard. It was so great to see him and spend some time with him. Karson of course was the most excited of us all. Once he saw Austin he wouldn't let him out of his sight. He was hip to hip or hand to hand with him whenever they were together. Good thing that Austin is a good sport. Karson couldn't get enough of him!

May 8th- Mothers Day. Spent the day with family. They gave me a mug from the farmers market and some fudge. Yum. Justin made me breakfast in bed. The best part of Mothers day is being a mom. I love it. There is nothing in this world I would rather do. I am so blessed to have three amazing boys.
Justin and I with my mom. We sure love her.

May 9th- Kamden lost yet another tooth. Thats a total of two teeth now.

May 13th- Father and sons outing with the ward. The two older boys got to go camping with dad overnight. They had lots of fun and came home very dirty! I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of them but I did get a picture of a souvenir that Kamden brought home with him. Yup a wood tick. Luckily I found him before he started burrowing.
May 16th we headed to bend Oregon for our cousins wedding. We left all the boys behind with my sister Tessa. (She was kind enough to come up all the way from Provo Utah to watch them for the weekend. She is an AWESOME sister!) Justin and I had a great time. Bend was beautiful and we really enjoyed spending time with family. We shopped, ate good food, went and saw the new pirates movie, and enjoyed ourselves at Angela and Josh's beautiful wedding. It was a great time! The best part was getting to spend all that quality time with my best friend, my hubby. It was a 10 hr drive there and another 10 hour drive back. There was never a dull moment! Justin and I love road tripping together. Thanks so much Tessa for your help with the boys! As a matter of fact when I got home and Tessa had left back to Provo Kamden informed me that he wanted Tessa to be his mom. Ah yes kids say the darnedest things. I am just glad that they have so much fun with her.

Makeup time for Mamma Cathy.

Happy Couple.
Justin and G-ma Joann.
Mother of the Bride, Bride and Groom.

The view out our condo back door. Beautiful!

Captain Johnson!

Schools out for summer! The boys enjoyed the end of the year school parties.
May 23th Karsons last day of school. He had a great first year of preschool and can't wait to go back next year.
MAy 27th Kamdens last day of school.
Kamden and Ms. Hill. She was an awesome teacher and Kamden loved her. We are sad she can't follow Kamden to 1st grade next year.

And on Kamdens last day of school it also happened to be a grand opening for a Maverick here in town. We were sure surprised when we went to gas up by this:

Party at Maverick!

Also the end of May wrapped up the end of Soccer for Kamden. It was his first time playing. Watching a bunch of five year olds play soccer is defiantly entertaining. There was a handful of kids that knew what they were doing but the rest of them just chased the ball around. Kamden was pretty timid when it came to kicking the ball but he sure had a blast running in the pack down the field. Maybe next year he will understand the game a bit more.

And last but not least little Ollie turned 15 months old on the 21st. I can hardly keep up with this monkey. He is into everything! He wants to be one of the big boys, and is usually bringing up the rear running around with them. He climbs EVERYTHING! Hence why his new nickname is Monkey.

Oliver loves his binky and blanket, as long as he has those two things he is a great sleeper. He is like a little sponge and loves to learn new things. He catches on quick. He loves to dance and listen to music. He loves the dogs and LOVES playing outside. He is great at entertaining himself, but when he is not happy he is more then willing to let you know. He is growing up so fast!

Now that I finally have a May post time to start working on the June post before the month is over.