Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh man.

Golly Gosh. Seems like since Oliver has turned One my whole world has been about three months behind. My blogging world is no different. It's hard to time find to sit down at the computer and document life with three very active boys. I mean I can hardly get the laundry/dishes/ house work/ kids homework/errands/life up. Unfortunately my blog gets swept under the rug till a later day. But alas here we are on this fine January (last day in January) morning and I am bound and determined to at least get Thanksgiving up!

Here we go: Thanksgiving. What a busy time of year. I really do love it though. All the family time and activities together. Seems to kick of the Holiday season and that is very exciting. I love the Holidays. So Thanksgiving day we were at my parents house, had a nice little meal, then sat around and looked at the adds and planned our shopping extravaganza. (Hold on a sec got to get Oliver out of the dog food bowls, ok I am back. Where was I) Oh yes, we headed out shopping a little before 10:00. Justin and I did all our shopping online so I was mainly along for the ride. Which made it a ton more fun to people watch. It was a site to see indeed. Walmart 10:00p.m crazy packed, with crazy people. Grabbing everywhere, carts running into each other, and just pure madness. I should have known when I had to park across the street cause the parking lot was full not to approach. It was very entertaining indeed. After Walmart I had seen enough though so I headed home a little after midnight. The next morning I was up again bright and early to grab some clothes on sale. Got to love the day after Thanksgiving shopping. Luckily since I didn't go at the crack of dawn things at the store were incredibly calm. Later that day we went down to the Johnson festivities. Oh boy were they festive too. We took family pictures, then we had Thanksgiving dinner in the barn. You might be thinking "a barn?" but we truly got spoiled. Mary had it all set up to the nines. She had brought in tables and we sat on hay bales with blankets, it was decorated just beautiful. They had portable heaters so it stayed nice and warm. It was nice to have the whole family home. Karlee and her hubby were there from Japan, Jade and Meghan were home from Mississippi, grandma Joann and Marys siblings had all flown in and drove in. It was one big happy celebration. We truly do have a lot to be thankful for.

Some pics of Thanksgiving day at my parents house.

Looking at adds and computer shopping.
Ma and Pa Colgrove-So cute.

Thanksgiving with the Johnsons.