Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boot Camp Graduation.

Last Tuesday we (my mom,dad,and myself) picked up our rental van and headed out on our 22 hr drive to Oklahoma. We stopped in Utah and picked up my little sister and then headed on. We drove through the night and most of the next day and finally made it 24 hours later to Lawton OK. What a long drive it was. Thursday we were able to spend the day with Austin and he showed us around the Fort Sill base. It was fun to see how he has been living for the last 10 weeks at boot camp. We were able to eat at the chow hall, not so appetizing I gotta say, but fun to experience. The next day we went to Austin's Graduation. I was so proud of my brother for the wonderful things he had accomplished. The next few days we were able to take Austin off the base and spend some time with him. It was so good to see him again and be with him. We had to drop him off on Sunday afternoon and we began our long journey home. This time we stopped in a hotel to sleep then awoke to have another 12 hour day of driving. It was a nice trip and I was so glad to see Austin. He looked great. Thank you to Justin for all his help with the boys along with my sister Audra and my mother in law. Without them I couldn't have possibly left. Thanks!


Audra said...

Great Pictures! It's hard to believe that Austins so grown up!

The WIlloughby Family said...

I think Austin has turned into such a handsom man, especially a man in a uniform!! Way to go Austin what an accomplishment!