Friday, May 6, 2011

Good-bye winter already!

It seems like winter gets longer every year. This year over any other I have been ready for spring! It just can't seem to come soon enough. A week ago it was still snowing here in Idaho. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder why I live in a place where winter is 1/2 the year. We for sure have been going a little stir crazy waiting for some good weather. So now a quick two month update:

In march I spent a week at home with sick kids. I didn't do anything but laundry and playing nurse. I did catch an incredibly cute moment on camera though. To sick brothers cuddling.

I love that my husband through example has taught my boys how to treat a woman. Now everytime they go to Sams club it is not Justin getting me the flowers it is the boys insisting that mom needs them.

I have been putting it off but finally I just couldn't take it anymore. Olivers baby hair was just getting too long. So April 13th he finally got his first haircut.

The Cut:

Loosing Patience:
My baby turned into a boy:
Pretty cool that my mom has now given all three boys their first hair cut. Thanks mom!

And just because things just weren't quite crazy enough around here already, we added a little more fun! Meet our little Zoe Bear. We got her on March 29th and she was only six weeks old. She is growing super fast and we all have been enjoying her.

And they called it puppy love...

Don't worry Ellie is still getting plenty of love.

We had a great Easter weekend and enjoyed many Easter festivities. Easter Egg hunting good food, enjoying family, and the Easter bunny visit of course.

This past weekend we celebrated my 29th Birthday! We spent a couple of days in Boise with our good friends Chad and Amy Purser . We had a wonderful dinner at Tucanos, ate lunch at the Cheese cake factory, played games, and just had a lot of fun together. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday!


Matt and Jessie said...

Your kids are so cute! Can't believe you can handle 3 kids and 2 dogs. You are amazing!! Happy belated Birthday!! Glad you had a fun weekend trip to celebrate!

Lise said...

You have a Tucano's there? Oh my goodness I am so jealous. That sounds like the most perfect birthday celebration ever. I still get birthday cards from them every year, here in MI!

Janica said...

Happy late Birthday! I love Oliver's cute! And the boys' Easter outfits are super darling:) Such a fun family.