Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Madness continued.

Okie Dokie, now that I have some spare time...okay well not really because Karson is kicking a soccer ball in the house and Kamden is shooting a nerf gun at me... spare time for me anyways, lets continue with June madness shall we.

June 17th-All aboard. Nana and Pa took Kamden and Karson on a train ride.

Little did we know by that next morning our little Kam man would be locally famous! Thats right folks FRONT PAGE of the POST REGISTER a huge picture of ours truly Kam man.

I am getting a digital copy of this front page printed and laminated from the post register. Until then these pictures will have to do. We got so many phone calls from family and friends and Kamden was defiantly very proud of his picture. How excited for us all!

Also on the 21st of June little baby O turned four months old. He is growing in leaps and bounds and so much fun. Some highlights about Ollie at four months:
  • Drinking about 6oz in one sitting.
  • Going to bed around 8:00, wakes up around 2:00 then sleeps till morning. Hallelujah!
  • Reaches for toys, can grab them and brings them to his mouth.
  • Rolled over for the first time on June 23rd. Now he wiggles his way all over the floor.
  • He is such a happy baby. Always laughing and smiling.
  • So content to just sit around and entertain himself.
  • Has so many nicknames. Baby O, Ollie pop, Ollie, Herkamer (my mom), and Hark (Justin).
  • Not a big fan of big groups of people, gets overwhelmed quickly by to much going on.
  • Has discovered a new favorite toy-his feet.
  • Oh and last but not least FINALLY doesn't cry when I get him out of the bath.

I feel so lucky to have three boys. They truly are a ton of fun.

So moving right along now onto one of the most important days in June. Fathers day. I seriously love a day that I can just spoil my husband rotten and make everything all about him. My absolute favorite gift we gave him this year was from the boys. It was a key chain of a bat, the batman symbol to be exact and it read - Our dad is a super hero. So cute and of course pretty much explains exactly how we feel about Justin!Superhero Keychain
We had such a fun day with the extended Johnson clan, visiting eating and celebrating all the wonderful dads. Justin you truly are amazing! Thanks for being the best Father in the world to our three boys.

Speaking how wonderful Justin is on June 22 he took the boys to their first baseball game. Justin went out before the game and bought them both their own mitts. They were so happy and got to play a little catch with dad before the big Chuckers game. Pa, Tu Tu and Randy met them at the game and they all had a great time.

Okay and last but defiantly not least our little Karson- boo bear turned the big 3. I do think this deserves a special post of its own though. So there you have it, (sigh) our crazy month of fun and madness.

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Valerie said...

Chels, your kids are so cute, and Ollie is like a perfect mix of your other two. I can't believe Karson turned 3! Briggs will in Sept and it's just crazy.