Monday, September 29, 2008

Whats been going down at the Johnsons.

Once again it has been a very busy past week, but before I start I must give a shout out to J-sizzle (our guest blogger, aka Justin) for his wonderfully hilarious post.

So we will begin with last Sunday September 21st. Kamden was dressed in his last years Halloween costume Baloo the Bear. I told him to get Karson. He got a little overzealous and did a huge bear growl and lunged at Karson. Normally Karson would have feel over, dusted himself off and got right back up, but not this time. Instead he happened to be right next to some iron railing, his head hit it just right and he ended splitting it open. The hardest thing about something like that is determining how bad it really is. Stitches or no stitches? So after a long debate and asking all our parents opinion we decided that Justin would play Doctor. So he shaved his head around the wound, cleaned it then, and bandaged it up. Karson was such a little trooper, he just sat there and let Justin do it without even crying. He is such a good baby. Here is what his poor little head looks like.

So we are still trying to get Kamden all potty trained. It has been taking so long. He has got the pee part down, but he will not go #2 in the potty. We have tried everything from bribing him to forcing him to sit on it when we know he has to go. We have even sat with him for hours waiting for him to do his business. Finally last week I got him to do it twice!! We were very excited, but then the next time he just did it on the floor. So frustrating!!!

Friday after work Justin came and picked up Kamden and they headed up camping with the boys. Karson and I that night went to the high school Homecoming football game with tu tu.
We were able to watch Aunt Karlee cheer. She did a great job, and we had so much fun at the game. Saturday and Sunday we rented movies, played together, and had a nice lazy weekend. Justin and Kamden got back Sunday night and told us about their many adventures. Kamden caught his first fish! They went on 4-wheeler rides, roasted marshmellows, and sat around the fire. They shot guns, and bow an arrows. They always have a great time with the boys, especially when Jade comes into town! After Kam was home it didn't take him long to say " I wanna go campin with pa, I go capin with pa." Yup, he wanted to go right back up there to camp with his pa. So precious!
Kamden told Justin he wanted to go in the truck and nap.
This is how he found him asleep.

Also some great news. Our neighbor put up a fence! Now both neighbors have fences up, meaning that when we put a fence in we only have to worry about the back and front sides. Yippy!


Jamie said...

Poor little Karson! We have been through the cut-your-head-open thing a couple times and it is not fun. It always bleeds a lot and it is scary! Your pictures of the guys' campout are really cute! I bet they had a lot of fun! How good of Justin to take Kamden with him for the weekend!!

kholbro said...

I can't believe how kids can sleep! Could you even imagine falling asleep that way - that's too funny! Go Justin for being quite the doctor - poor Karson, I hope his head is feeling better!

Ami said...

It looks like the boys have a lot of Fun together. What a blessing to be close to family again.

Brooke said...

Chelsea, it was a lot of fun reading your posts, including j-zzz. Your poor little boy's head, he is sure cute! It sounds like you guys are enjoying being home again. Good luck selling your home in MI. Do you think you are going to take a loss? Love the photo of camden asleep in the truck.