Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A fun week.

A week ago today I boarded a plane in Idaho and flew back out to Michigan with my two kids, and two of my siblings. Last night we were back at the Airport saying goodbye to Tessa and Eli. After spending a month in Idaho and a week with family here things are feeling a little lonely this morning. I absolutely love having visitors and being around family. I love to have a full house and I never get sick of having people around. So all of you should come out and visit! :)

We had a very eventful week. First of all let me just tell you how amazing my hubby is. He surprised me when I got home with an early birthday present,painted kitchen cabinets, and a T.V in our bedroom. The early Birthday present....He bought me a piano! I was so surprised and excited. Every day since then I have played it. I will have to take a picture of it and post it. He was a busy guy while I was gone. The best part about being back home though, is being with him.

We had so much fun this week with Aunt Tessa and Uncle Eli. It was nice for me having a sister out here to hang out with. On Friday we were able to sneak away and go to the day spa for pedicures and Saturday we spent the day shopping. The boys were able to spend Saturday paint balling and lets just say our x-box in the last week has gotten great use. Kamden has had so much fun playing with Eli. We are very sad that they had to go back home. It was such a great time having them here.

I am so surprised how many people don't know this so I am just making a formal announcement. My seventeen year old brother, Austin is living with us and has been since last May. He is taking online classes towards his High School Education. He is great to have around and the boys just love him. He is planning on going back home to finish his Senior Year at Shelley High School. We will have to see what happens but we will sure miss him.

I also am posting my very first digital scrapbook page FAMILY.


Celeste Adams said...

I can't wait to get to know Justin better. I was amazed that he moved all of your guys things back from Toronto by himself, now he did your kitchen and bought you a piano? That is awesome! I think Steve and him will get along great. Great minds think alike! Right?

TBird and Mikelle said...

I didn't know that you played the piano.. that is awesome! Your hubby sounds cute, I love when they do things like that! Your boys are growing too fast! So you are back in michigan now.. I can never keep track!