Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oliver is 8 months old!

Seems like this month Oliver has developed in leaps and bounds. At Eight months Ollie is now:
  • Crawling! Started the exact day he turned 8 months.
  • Sitting up all by himself. Can also crawl and put himself into sitting position.
  • Started holding his bottle by himself. ( I tried and tried to get him to do this for months. The little stinker just wouldn't. Finally just after he turned seven months old he started holding it himself.)
  • Started wrinkling up his nose when he smiles. So adorable!
  • Got his first tooth! Bottom Left. Cut through on 10/10/10!
  • Started shaking his head no.
  • When he hears music he starts bouncing.
  • Pulls himself up on knees when holding on to something.
  • Such a stubborn eater. Tries food and if he doesn't like it then he won't open his mouth no matter what you do. He doesn't like a lot of food. So we mostly stick to the bottle.
  • Is a terrible sleeper! I feel like we haven't progressed at all. Goes to bed at 7:00 wakes up around 11:00 then wakes up again around 4:00 then sleeps till 8:00.
  • Hello stranger anxiety! He is for sure a mommas boy.
Oliver has really become his own little person this last month. He is a very content baby, and loves to smile. When he doesn't like something he makes it very apparent, quickly! We have enjoyed him so much!


The WIlloughby Family said...

He is growing like a weed! He has to though to get up with those brothers!! I can't wait to see what your boys will be for Halloween, you always do cute things!

Jamie said...

He is such a beautiful little boy, Chels! I absolutely love his eyes!

And, I love how you blog about all the things he is doing. I wish I would have blogged when my kids were babies!! It is just too easy to forget all the fun details!

Matt and Jessie said...

Holy cow, he is just so dang cute!! Love the pictures! Sorry Justin is gone so much these days. Is he loving being a professor though? What is his sister doing in Japan? What part? I lived in Tokyo for 7 months back before I got married. It was a blast!!

Valerie said...

Whoa you have been busy! I am sure more busy now that he is crawling. He is so so cute and I love his eyes too!

Susannah said...


Anonymous said...

time to start using that little mouth, now you are teething it will feel sooooooooooooooooooo good lightly grazing my c=ck as you suck it