Monday, June 16, 2008

Birthday, Wedding, and a whole lot of fun.

It has been a very eventful past week. Last Tuesday night we hopped on a plain to fly to Boise Idaho for Jades (Justins Brother) wedding. Due to bad weather are flight was delayed and we ended up spending the night in a hotel in Minneapolis. We finally made it to Boise on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday we went shopping at the outlet mall and then us girls went and got pedicures. We went out for appetizers that night to a wonderful place called Barbacoa. It was delicious!! If ever in Boise you must try this place out! Friday we celebrated Kamdens third birthday and went to Ragging Waters. We had so much fun and the weather was beautiful. That night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was at a nice place called cotton wood grill. It was a nice night and we had fun sitting chatting with family and getting to know Jades inlaws. Kamden made a friend Laci (the flower girl) and they were so cute. It was very fitting seeing as though he was the ring bearer. They had so much fun together. Saturday all the family came for brunch. We had Kamdens cake and opened his presents. Thank you to everyone for making Kamdens Birthday a special day.

The wedding was Saturday night at a cute church on Boise Campus. I was so nervous that Kamden wouldn't go down the isle and take the rings to Jade. But when the time came he not only went down the isle he ran down the isle straight to him. It was so funny and very cute! He looked absolutely adorable in his little tux! The reception was at the Boise Art Museme. Before the reception my Mom and Dad came and got the boys and took them back to home with them. (My mom is watching them for this week so we can get our house ready to put on the market.) The reception was a blast and Justin and I had so much fun together. Justin was Jades best man and he gave a great toast to the bride and groom. He was so happy to be Jades best man! Congratulations Jade and Meghan! We are so happy for you and love you bunches.

So Justin and I flew back here to Michigan on Monday. It was strange not flying with kids and actually kind of nice. Usually it takes forever getting through security; it is amazing how much less you travel with when you don't have kids. I have been busy boxing things up and fixing things getting ready to put our house on the market. This weekend we will be busy repainting everything and getting all the crayon off the walls. :) I miss my babies but I am so thankful to my mom for watching them for me while I get what I need to done! Thanks so much Mom! You really are the best!

Last night I was able to go out to dinner with three of my close friends here. It made me realize how much I will miss them. This has been our life here for the past three years and now this chapter is ending for us. Three years ago we moved here. Kamden was only one week old. He ate his first foods here, and rode his bike down the sidewalk. Karson was born here. I paced these floors with him when he wouldn't sleep. He walked his first steps here. We went through the Detroit temple for the first time. Along the way met some wonderful people. We bought our first house and made it a home. We laughed a lot and cried some too. It has been a wonderful three years and it is sad to say goodbye. We are so greatful for all our many wonderful blessings here in Dearborn Michigan!


Erich and Kara said...

Happy packing! I am just so excited that you'll be moving out West again. I hope the house sells quick. Do you have a place in Pocatello yet? When is the official move date?

Fielding Family said...

So are you in town now? Where are you guys going to live?