Friday, June 6, 2008

Were on the move.

So I am back and have a huge announcement to make but first things first. Little Karson is walking. He started to walk about a week ago right around the day he turned 11 months old. He is now walking all over the place!!! It is so cute to watch him because sometimes he will start walking so fast that his little body can't keep up with his legs. He is growing up way to fast! He is such a little bundle of joy.

So it is official. We are moving back to Idaho!!! Over memorial weekend Justin had an interview with Premier Technology in Blackfoot Idaho. They offered him a job starting on July 28th. We thought long and hard about it being the right move for us and decided that home is were we want to be. It was a hard choice, seeing as though Justin is in school. Justin called and accepted the job and the very next day Ford sent out an announcement saying that they were cutting all funding for schooling. So it looks like we made the right choice. We are so excited! It has been over seven years since we have lived back home. We will miss our friends in Michigan, and especially sad that we wont be here when my cousin and her hubby move.

Speaking of my cousin. Last weekend her and her husband came and stayed with us while they looked for a house to rent. It was so nice having them here and catching up with Celeste. Steve is a riot! They are a great couple and we are truly sad that we wont be able to hang out with them more. Its funny how things work out. Just as they are moving here, we are moving home.
Seeing Celeste again made me think of all the good times we had when we were growing up. She is a great friend. I am so glad that she has found a wonderful husband and has two adorable children. We will miss them. Who knows maybe they'll move back to Idaho someday too. ; )

It has been so warm here lately. We have really been enjoying ourselves outside. For memorial day we went over to some friends and had a BQ. Before to long the slip and slide was brought out and all the kids were having a blast. Especially Kamden. He wasn't shy about it at all but would run, slide, and get soaking wet. I had to teach him to wait in line till his turn but every time someone took a little longer to go, he would go for them! It was a great day that we got to spend with good friends, and we had a wonderful time!

Monday the boys and I went to Greenfield village. This awesome little historic village that is set in the 20th century. Henery Ford stated it and it has a tons of stuff from that era. We went on a train ride, a carriage ride, rode in an old model-t, we rode on the carousel, and went in tons of old fashioned buildings. We saw all the farm animals and even got to look for chicken eggs, then had old fashioned custard ice cream. It was such a fun day and the boys loved it.

Last night we all played outside. It was sooo hot so the boys stripped down to nothing and ran threw the sprinkler. Karson was very curious about the sprinkler but once he got close and found out that it got him wet backed away quickly. He was very curious about it though, and soon enough he was having a great time getting wet. Even Justin got a little wet!


Erich and Kara said...

Well Congrats! That's so awesome that you get to move back to Idaho and family. Of course I am biased b/c that means I'll actually get to see you once in awhile :) What will Justin be doing in his new job? How far is he from being done with school? That's crazy they cut the funding right after he accepted the job. Has to make you feel better :) Well I'll wrap up this novel but congrats! Glad you got to see Celeste and fam, bet that was fun.

Christine said...

congrats! That is exciting for you guys. We won't be far from you guys now, so maybe we'll be able to connect sometime:)

kholbro said...

Woohoo!! I'm so happy for you to be moving back home - not so happy for you that you have to try and sell your house - good luck with that! Maybe your cousins can rent it from you. :)

Celeste Adams said...

I'm so sad you are moving! I don't blame you though. Its probably the best choice especially since you'll be so close to family. When do you guys move? Hopefully we will get to spend a little time with you before you move.

King & Queen of Hart's said...

ha ha ha, I just love the naked butt picture of kam jumping! Wow, beck to Idaho, that will be a great move to be closer to family, I miss mine so much. i really hate being 7 hours away :( Any way, looks like life is going great for you :)

Anonymous said...

wish I saw the boys naked I love naked kids