Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ice cream or spa treatment?

Dear Karson,
Oh my little man, I love how you enjoy food to the fullest. When I gave you ice cream this afternoon to get some things done around the house I had not idea that you would end up such a mess. Somewhere along the way of eating the ice cream you decided it would be a good idea to turn it into a spa treatment and lathered it on yourself from head to toe. But hey at least you clean up nice!


Love, Mom


Janica said...

Oh my heavens he is a doll; I love the little 'flips' in his hair! And that beautiful skin-- I might have to try the ice cream facial tonight:)

Jamie said...

Your boys crack me up! It is like one thing after another, huh? So cute, though!

He does clean up very well!

(So, by the way, that comment left on your last post was a little creepy, huh???)

Harts said...

Oh my heck it is everywhere! What a hilarious picture. And yes he does clean up nice, he is so adorable!

Audra said...

Kars I think you look great in your ice cream! Good job keeping mom on her toes!

TBird and Mikelle said...

That is so funny! He looks too cute all cleaned up!

taylia said...

Gotta love those ideas that sound really good to keep them busy so you can actually do something productive all so you can find out you "more" to do at the end! Gotta love it. He looks so happy doing it to!!!