Friday, April 24, 2009

The winds of change.

Once again the winds of change have hit the Johnson home. (Literally, Idaho is so dang windy.) Today is Justins last day of work at Premier Technology. His dad reopened his business and alas Justin will now be working for him. A couple of months ago Jon (Justins Dad) bid a job in Mississippi and won the bid. Luckily we will not be picking up house and moving to Mississippi, but instead have the opportunity to stay here and work out of the office in town. As long as I have known Justin he has always had this dream of working with his dad and brother. He is very happy to finally have the opportunity and it so excited. So Justin will now be employed by I.C.I. (Industrial Construction Inc.)

Premier couldn't quite let Justin go so instead they are offering to subcontract jobs out to him. Therefore Justin will be opening his own part time company and do work as a Professional Engineer. He already has 500 hrs of work from Premier. We are thinking about calling his company Kamson, a mix between Kamden and Karson. What do you think?

Today I happened to be at Justins office and so many of his coworkers had such great things to say about him. He has really impressed people there by his smarts and his hard work. Not only is he their coworker but their friend. He will surely be missed. One guy in particular said something so nice about Justin and it made be so proud. Mike told me "Justin is such an awesome guy and I just love him. He is so amazing and I wish that I had 10 of him around!" I thought that it was so nice!

Justin I am so proud of you for all your hard work and dedication. I love seeing how much people admire you, and the strong person that you are. You can do anything!

So here we go....onto our next adventure in life.


Harts said...

I am glad you guys aren't moving again. What a great opportunity though that you guys have been given. Oh and I like Kamson, it sounds like a business name to me. Oh oh, how about Valiscool. Yeah, I like that business name too
(sorry, I really don't know why I write dorky things like that)

Leslie said...

Big changes for you guys. I'm glad you don't have to move! It sounds like Justin will never be bored or lacking of things to do. Good Luck!

Julie said...

Chelsea, that is so awsome. Justin always was a smart kid. I wish I lived a little closer, so I could see everyone more often. We will really have to plan a get together soon. Tell Justin I said Congrats.