Friday, May 8, 2009

Writers Rut.

I've had a bit of writers block lately and haven't been in the mood to blog. Here is some of the things we have been busy doing around here the last three weeks.

Watched my two brothers while my parents went on a cruise to Spain. Lucky them! We had a fun week having them here and they only caused us a little stress! :)

Went and watched Karlee dance at her recital. She did an awesome job and it was fun to watch her.

Celebrated Earth Day and went to the ZOO and park with some friends. Im sad we didn't get pictures because the kids were so cute and loved hanging out together and looking at the animals.

Celebrated my 27th Birthday! We had a big family party with cake and ice cream. The cake was super yummy. The next day Justin took me to a movie and then we went to dinner. We even had a chance to go to Barns and noble and relax.

My sister Tessa was in town for my Birthday and all weekend! We did lots of shopping (or looking and dreaming) and eating out. She wathced my kids several times for me to get out and about without them. Thanks so much Tessa for all your help. You are a wonderful sister and friend.

Went to dinner the night before my Birthday to Outback Steak House with Grandpa and Grandma Johnson. YUM YUM!

Went to Justins Uncle Chads to play a game, The Curse of the Wolfen. So much fun. What a great group of people!!! My sister watched the kids so once again Justin and I were able to just enjoy ourselves.

Justin drove to Salt Lake City for the day last Sunday because his little brother was at Salt Lake Primary Childrens Hospital. Come to find out his top two vertebrates aren't fused together and he will have to have surgery. He is doing well now and after the surgery he will be doing even better.

Played cards and had dinner with Grandma Joann, Karlee, Chris and Randy. That was lots of fun!

Went to the park and played Frisbee golf! Our new hobbie! Justin has been doing it lots this last year and I am just starting. It is really fun and the boys love to follow us around and throw their own Frisbee.

Got the fence all put up and stained. Now if the wind would stop blowing and the rain would stop pouring we could be using it to its full potential.

The wind has seriously been blowing for the last two weeks straight. Finally today we were able to get some relief from it. I took the boys to this awesome park in town. It was nice to get outside again and I know they had a great time getting some of their pent up energy out! It is fun to see them interact with other kids. Kamden would run by everyone and tell them "Hi" super loud and friendly. Karson just tried hugging and kissing all the little kids. We had so much fun I can't wait to take them again.


The WIlloughby Family said...

Dang it, I did it again. Happy Late Birthday. I was in Provo last week for Women's Conference and didn't even think about. Please forgive me again! :) So wanna do something next week?? We should go celebrate our birthdays together...I always love having an excuse to buy myself stuff!

Jamie said...

I have been the same way with the "writer's rut". I have been super busy it seems like, but not a lot blog worthy. I mean it is...but I am just lazy I guess!

And, I didn't know it was your birthday!!! I totally would have wished you a happy birthday at our Wolfen night! Sorry! It looks like it was a good one! Happy LATE birthday!! :)

taylia said...

Happy B-day Chels, NO I didn't could I days after my own...but we were in Thailand and now I am wishing you the best of birthdays....sorry so late!

Miss ya!

Erich said...

happy belated biday. I thought of you all day but never quite made the phone or email, sorry. glad it was a fun one for you.

Harts said...

wow...I have totally had writers rut too. I think you and I posted our last post the same and day and then didn't write forever ha ha ha. Oh well, good to be back