Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ollie Pop nine months old!

Oliver at 9 months-
  • Started clapping his hands and waving goodbye.
  • Stands up to furniture and walks around it.
  • When I tell him "no no" he jabbers back "NNNNNNN"
  • Jabbers a lot. Usually says "dadada, mamamam, nanannan,nnnnnn,babababa.
  • Has got a Fro going on. Hair is getting lighter but longer. I think it will be curly.
  • Starting sleeping through the night. Yippy!
  • Has two teeth.
  • Eats three times, new foods, are bread, cheerios, rice,
  • Loves people!
  • Is a happy little guy.
  • Our little munchkin! At his Dr. Appointment his weight was 17lbs 12oz and he was 28and 1/2 ". About 50th percentile for Height and 30th for weight.

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