Monday, July 18, 2011


Fathers day weekend we enjoyed ourselves up at Island Park. Pa and Tu tu got a four seater Razor and man did we enjoy ourselves on it. The best part is that we could all go on a ride together. Sunday we enjoyed a fantastic Fathers Day dinner Ribs. Yummy. Then Justin took the boys fishing. They had a great time. We are so lucky to have someone so fantastic as a husband and a father.

June 13th we celebrated Kamdens Birthday. Pa and Tutu (Hawaiian slang meaning Grandmother) came and picked him up took him shopping and out to lunch. We told him we would take him anywhere he wanted to go for his birthday dinner and he told us the pig place. AKA Famous Daves (there logo is a pig and every now and then they have a pig dressed up walking around the restaurant. So off to the pig place we went. Then we came home and had cake and ice cream and opened presents. What a great day! I can't believe my little man is already six.

The next day Nana came and got Kamden took him to a movie, the her and pa took Kamden out to dinner at Garcias. Kamden loved how they put a sombrero on him and sang to him. That night he got to stay over night at their house. He had such a great time getting to hang out with Nana and Pa all by himself.

We also celebrated Grandpa Johnsons Birthday, Grandma Voyles Birthday and our good friends welcomed a new baby boy, Treyson Purser. It was great to get some baby snuggles in! We had a huge garage sale at our house with, my mom, my sister and brother in law, my brother in laws parents and his brother and wife. All went really well and although we didn't sale a lot of stuff I was just super happy to have it cleaned out of my house.

June 24th we decided to take Kams training wheels off and after a few falls he was riding without them. Now he loves riding his bike. We should have taken them off much sooner. We tried to take Karsons off too but he had a hard time steering the bike straight.

Since the boys Birthdays are two weeks apart instead of doing two separate friend b-day parties, we did one for both of them in the middle. They absolutely love playing with their cousins, one of the benefits of living close. So we had a birthday party for Kam and Kars with all the cousins. We had everyone bring their swimming suits and had fun a water party. Afterwards cupcakes, and root beer floats. The boys had such a fun night!

Check out this awesome blanket my sister Audra made for the boys. She is seriously so talented!

On June 30 we celebrated Karsons birthday. Pa and Tutu took him shopping. A tradition my kids really love! Then we packed up the trailer and headed to Montana. We celebrated Karsons birthday in the woods. He got to open his presents and we had cupcakes. Happy Fourth Birthday Karson.

And there you have it June 2011. Whew!


Valerie said...

Looks like June was really fun, I love how the boys were sliding down the slide into the pool, I used to do that too :)

Angela Maddock said...

Hi Chelsea, I am finally getting caught up on all my blog reading. I can't believe Kamden is 6 and starting 1st grade soon! All the birthday celebrating looked so fun. We should try the "Pig Place" for GNO sometime! Hope you are having fun in Twin Falls. Glad our husbands are home! :)