Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A few Pictures!

This is their little cubby/fort they love to play inside. Kamden is always putting his new found treasures in there and himself! He gets in and shuts the door! I can't believe he fits! Karson loves to come add see all the things Kamden has put in it. 

The boys love to wrestle with their dad. I love how Karson even joins in. 

This picture is just priceless. Kamden is showing Karson how to "play" with the x-box controller. I am sure that dad will be really proud! 

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TBird and Mikelle said...

You are funny! I think the same thing when I read your blog too! It is nice to have someone to relate to! Boys are fun but boy are they a handful! Your boys are so cute and look so loving to one another! Probably like mine you catch cute moments here and there!