Saturday, February 2, 2008

Welcome to the official Johnson Family Web page

I think that I have finally got this figured out!  So now that we are up and running I decided it might be time for another update. We are back up in Canada now, and probably will be here till the beginning of March. We are enjoying our time here.  Now, if all the boys could just get over their colds we would be doing even better. 
 Kamden has been in full force this week, and has really been putting my patience to the test. It all began when he threw the digital picture frame off the table and onto the floor breaking it. Not even 10 min after this Kam picks up Karson and then throws him back down on the floor, face first. It doesn't take long before the blood starts streaming out. Karsons two tiny bottom teeth pierced his top lip. Ouch! So, a few days later Justin has come home early from work sick. I go up stairs to give him some medicine. When I come back down there is raw broken eggs everywhere. On the wall, on the carpet, on Kamden! Guess he thought it looked like fun to throw raw eggs against the wall.  Luckily, Justin was able to fix the frame, Karson is doing fine. And where the raw eggs once were, is now the cleanest spot of carpet in the house.
Karson turned seven months old this week. He is growing like a little weed. He is all over the place, and loves to explore everything! As a matter of fact the other day I caught him trying to climb the stairs. He is a mover alright! It won't be long before he is running around. Even though he has had a challenging week, due to Kamden and a cold, he is the most calm, easy going baby ever! 


Little Black Bears said...

WOW! What a week. Sounds like Kamden has an overabundance of energy.. Glad everything worked out ok.

Erich said...

What an adventure...they look so perfectly behaved and sweet in those pictures :)
I am so glad you have a blog set up; it will be lots of fun keeping updated.