Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The fun never ends!

There was two things in my life that I knew eventually would happen. One I was very hopeful for, and the other I dreaded. In this last week both have happened. One was very welcomed, and well the other I was hopping to hold off on. But it was bound to happen.

Saturday I went to the movie Twilight with my mom and sister Audra. I have read all the books and was so excited to go. I must admit I was a little nervous to watch the movie because when it is based on a book you never know how it will turn out. It turned out being great though! So if you haven't seen it yet, make sure and go.

After the movie I was driving home and my eye caught sight of puppies for sale in a parking lot. I had to pull over and look at them. Well looking turned into petting, turned into holding, turned into puppy love, which then turned into me buying and taking home my new found love. I had Justin meet me outside and together we took the puppy into the boys. They were so excited and it didn't take long for them to fall fast in love with her, including Justin. I knew becoming a dog owner again was eventually going to happen, and it was a warm welcome!

Which leads me to the second event I knew would happen. The dreaded one!! I mean having two very rambunctious boys and a puppy it was bound to happen. Yesterday morning minutes after Justin left for work, Kamden was running around the house with the dog running after him. Kamden thought this was hilarious and gets a little delirious in a laughing attach, trips over his own feet, and his head hits the glass coffee table. Luckily I was right there and picked him up and saw that he had split his head opened. There was blood everywhere. It wasn't even a question about stitches, it was a definite. I called my mom and we rushed to the nearest urgent care center. My mom was much braver then I was and she ended up staying in the room with Kamden while he got the stitches. While I wrestled with Karson in the hall way. Kamden was such a trooper and didn't even cry. The doctors told my mom that they would rather have 10 patients like Kamden, then one of their regular ones. They gave him some coins and he got to get treats with them out of a quarter machine. He was pretty happy about that. Today he is doing great. We have to go back and get the stitches taken out on Saturday. Good thing Justin will be able to go with him! Thanks mom once again for all your help! Your amazing!

So as you can see it has been a very eventful week. A new puppy and a boy with four stitches. The fun never ends!


Matt and Jessie said...

Oh, I totally dread the day when that happens around here, but as you said, with wild little boys, it is bound to! Your puppy is about the custest ever. I can see how just stopping to look, turned into a new member of the family! Hope your little Kamden is doing better! He does make stitches look pretty cute!

Atwoods said...

yay for the puppy!!! boo for the boo-boo! i'm so sorry. i totally dread the owies that come along with motherhood. lucky for you to have your mom so close!

but back to the puppy, he is SOOOOOO cute! i want one!

taylia said...

ANOTHER PUPPY!!!! You guys are suckers! Although she is very cute and Emma loved looking at her. Sorry to hear about poor Kam. Wish our ER experience would have been like that but I guess the care is different in Dearborn MI!!! Sure miss you guys..play a game for us!