Monday, November 3, 2008

Visits, Flu bug, and Halloween! Oh my!!!

The last two weeks have been full of fun, and some not so fun. Just the very day after my no good very bad day my sister surprised us by showing up at our door. She lives four hours away so we always feel so lucky to be able to see her. We have so much fun with her. We were able to spend a couple of days with her. Then that weekend Just and I took the boys on a little get away to Boise, to visit Jade and Megan. We got to see thier cute new house. It was a great weekend full of games, food, and fun. Justin and Jade even fit in nine holes of golf. Saturday night we were so excited to go to Famous Daves BBQ, one of our favorite places to eat. We used to go to them in Michigan, and they finally have one in Boise!! Our weekend went by way too fast, but we had a lot of fun, and miss Uncle Jade and Aunt Mae Mae already! Congrats on the new house we are so happy for you!

Last week the flu bug hit our house. It's the nasty flu bug too. The kind that makes you wonder if you got food poising, But then 24 hours later you feel much better and a day later someone else has it. It went from Kamden to Justin to me. Luckily Karson still has not got it. I am keeping my fingers crossed!! I'm so glad to be done with that.

I am also feeling very lucky because we managed to plan our sick days around our Halloween celebrations. Thursday I dressed the boys up in their Halloween costumes and we headed out for an early trick-or-treat at a local business. We went with tu tu, Karlee, and Randy. It was such a great time. The building was all decorated and employees were all dressed up. The kids made stops along a marked path and got candy. Kamden was hesitant and just took everything in with wide eyes. Karson was just happy go lucky, along for the ride. They ended up getting a ton of candy. Halloween day I invited my family over to make cookies and decorate them. Kamden had so much fun rolling out the dough and cutting it into shapes. Karson had so much fun eating it! I had so much fun chatting with my Mom and sister. I love baking! The cookies turned out great! That night we went trick-or-treating and delivered cookies to family and friends. The boys were so exhausted that they feel asleep in the car while we were driving around. It was another great Halloween at the Johnson house.
Nana and Kam making cookies.
Mouth full of cookie dough!
Our little Pirate!
Our little dragon!


Celeste Adams said...

Your kids costumes are too cute. I wish they had a famous Daves in Idaho Falls. We also love that place, but its nice because we always have a place to take visitors when they come. Miss you!

The WIlloughby Family said...

Hey you!!! Way fun Halloween. I bet it is so nice to be by family. I was at my Mom's last Thurs. and tried to call your Mom to get your number (I don't have my cell anymore so I don't have your number) so I could come visit, but she didn't answer. I think you just should give me your address and expect me to show up on your door step at any moment. This is getting ridiculous!!! We need to hang out and catch up.

Jamie said...

Cute, cute kids! Glad the flu is over at your house. Paisley got it but she was the only one, so far! Good to see ya the other day, but we really need to plan lunch!!

Harts said...

Very cute costumes, I love the dragon. I'm suprised he kept it on his head too :) Also thanks for your comment, you said some very nice things, thank you. I am coming to Idaho for Thanksgiving and Christmas so we should plan a play date. I know Courtney is due with her baby any minute too.

Erich and Kara said...

I second the costumes, espeically the little dragon. Kids are so fun and cute all dressed up!
Glad you had such a fun Halloween. That's funny that your family makes Halloween cookies cause that's our family tradition too...though I was so sick of candy I opted out of the cookie making this year!