Friday, January 23, 2009


It has been a very nice week of relaxation. I have only ventured out to Sams club and the pet store. Other then that I have been locked up tight in my house. We have been doing a lot of playing and movie watching, and RELAXING!! I think this is the first week in seven months that we have stayed home this much. Its a much needed break!

I just wanted to take the time to share some funny pictures of the boys. They sure keep me busy as you can tell. Some of these are older but I thought they were still pretty funny.

Kamden found an old diaper box and some rope downstairs. So he tied the rope to the box and around himself. (My three year old ties amazing knots!) Then he lifted Karson into the box. At first Karson thought it seemed kind of fun, but then when Kamden took off running with Karson being pulled behind he decided it wasn't so fun.

I asked Kamden one morning to hurry and get dressed so we could head off to the store. Anyone who has kids knows how long it can take to get kids ready!! When Kamden came out this is what he had on. Notice his nice pose.

One morning I was trying to get some cleaning done so like any good mother would do I turned on the T.V and sat the boys in front of it. When I came back to my room I found Karson watching cartoons, and my bed a mess. Kamden had decided they needed snacks and had gotten marsh mellows and oreos out for them. Needless to say my sheets needed a good washing after that.

Partners in crime. Look where I found them hiding. Under Karsons crib.

As you can see we have lots of fun around here. Well at least they do. :) Speaking of fun. Last night we got a fresh six inches of snow. Although I hate the cold and driving in the snow, I love playing in it. The boys and I are off to get all bundled up for some fun in the snow!


Janica said...

Chelsea, I totally got a good laugh from the pics of your "boy" adventures. It's never boring being a mom, is it? Thanks for sharing:)

Matt and Jessie said...

Glad you have taken a much needed break! I love the pictures! They are super cute! I love how boys can turn a diaper box and a rope into a day of fun!

Jamie said...

Very cute pictures! They are such cute little boys! Hope you guys can make it to Chad's for a little wolfen this weekend!! :)

TBird and Mikelle said...

Hey just wondering if you are going to get Kamden into some underwear modeling? HIlarious pictures of him! gotta love their imaginations

Leslie said...

I love your "everyday" pictures . . . it keeps things real! What is it about boys and rope? BTW - is that your snowman I can see over your way?

Erich said...

RELAXATION! That looks like lots of crazy fun not relaxation. I love how creative little boys are...a bit rambunctious but oh so fun.