Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Already.

The past two weeks were spent doing some much needed relaxing and playing. It looks as though I finally got rid of my case of the January blues and just in time! February snuck right up on me.

This is just some of the fun things we've been doing.

A couple Saturdays ago we got a fresh coat of snow. We couldn't resist it and decided to all go outside and build a snowman. Everyone helped out and the snowman ended up being taller then me. We used our creativity and found many things in the garage to dress him up with. Fishing polls for the arms, a windsock for the scarf, wood chips for the buttons eyes and mouth, and a small sled for the hat. He looks pretty great out there and is still standing tall. Kamden this year has really been enjoying going outside and playing in the snow. One day he dressed himself in all his snow clothes and started heading out. After I gave him the okay he headed out to the backyard. He would have stayed out there all day but I finally had to make him come back inside for fear of all his limbs falling off from frost bite.

One night we all gathered around and watched the movie Tinker Bell. Yes I know me and my three boys watched a complete girly movie. It was actually very cute and a good movie. So my advice is, boys or not watch the movie Tinker Bell.

This past weekend we went with my family up to Island Park for a relaxing weekend. We played a lot of games, watched more movies, and went snowmobiling. It has been awhile since I last got on a snow machine and let me tell you I had sooooo much fun!!! It is great. Justin took us on some awesome trails. Kamden had a ton of fun riding with Justin. Now all he talks about is the snowmobiles. It was a great weekend.

Sometimes Kamden is hard to understand. So a couple of weeks ago I took him in to the school district for an evaluation. Kamden had so much fun being in the school and was wide eyes checking everything out.(When you take your child in they evaluate everything from development to speech.) Of course they told me that he was developing just fine but they referred me to a speech therapist to check on his articulation of words. (Pronunciation.) Kamden was so excited to get to go back to the school, we went and saw the speech therapist and she was so nice. Yesterday they called me and told me that he was not eligible for the free school speech program because he seemed fine. It was nice to have their opinion and now I feel like I can worry a little less about it all.

For the past couple of days Karson has had a terrible cold. He is having a really hard time sleeping due to his nasty cough. I really hate this time of year for that reason. It seems like we can never make it through the season without someone catching something. Those darn cold they last forever!

One of my goals for the new year is being more involved in my childrens day to day life. It seems that sometimes I get so busy doing laundry, cleaning, and doing things that I want that I forget to sit down and play with them. Well I must pat myself on the back because these last two weeks we have been busy painting, reading, playing with trains and cars, singing, dancing, and just having a wonderful time. I realized that by taking the time to play and involve my kids I became much more patient with them. Karson has even learned how to catch. It has really been a lot of fun and I feel like I am getting to know my two little rugrats so much better.
Just don't look at my laundry/kitchen/bedroom/bathrooms. SCARY!!!

I will end this lovely post with a funny story.
Whenever Kamden gets hurt he runs to me and has me kiss his ouchy better. As soon as I kiss it better he runs off and is perfectly fine. Who knew that a kiss would be the best medicine ever. One night we had some friends over for dinner. Kamden was playing around and fell right on his tushy. He came running to me, pulled down his britchs and wanted me to kiss his rear end better. Guess that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase kiss butt. :)

Oh and sorry about the lack of pictures. Somebody lost, I mean missplaced the memory stick to their camera. Oooops. Guess I better take some time looking for it instead of all this relaxing and playing!


Matt and Jessie said...

Glad you have been able to have fun with your boys! We have been hanging out around home as well and it is nice to actually play with the kiddies! Boys are so much fun! They keep things lively for sure!

The Squire Family said...

Fun stuff! I know what you mean about being caught up in your own things. I always have some project that I am trying to finish. For some reason sitting and watching me isn't appealing to my kids!