Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween tricks and treats!

Halloween Madness 2009! I always love celebrating Halloween. This year the boys had a lot of fun and really got into the Holiday. They were very excited about wearing their costumes and wore them many times. We started off our Halloween celebration Wednesday. Kamden had a Halloween party at school and was able to wear his costume. He was pretty excited about it and had a lot of fun, they even got to make slime.

While Kam was at school I took Karson to a pumkin patch to try to get some good pictures. It was freezing cold and he wasn't very coapertive so these are the only ones I got.

The week before Halloween Justin had to go to Mississippi so he wasn't able this year to share in our Halloween traditions. The boys and I had a great time but we sure missed Justin. One night we had a lot of fun carving a pumkin, the boys thought that it was great fun digging out all the guts. Afterwards we all got cozy in bed and watched, It's the great pumkin Charlie Brown. It was fun to spend the time together.

The next night we made sugar cookies and had fun decorating them together. Another Halloween tradition. Karson I think enjoyed eating more then decorating. Kamden really loved using the cookie cutter and the sprinkles.

Friday we went trick-or-treating to the office and met up with pa, tu tu and Randy. We then went to a local business that puts on an indoor trick-or-treating for the kids. It is fun to see the different parts of the office decorated all different. The kids love it and it really is the perfect way to trick-or-treat. The boys got a ton of candy. They were all smiles when we left. Saturday, Halloween day, we picked up Justin from the airport. We were very happy to have him home for the big day. That night we all dressed up and went to our ward trunk-or-treat and dinner. Justin was helping out with the spook alley, and got way into it. I hear that it was the best spook alley ever. He took the little boys through it and Karson about had a panic attack and Kamden came out telling me all night "Ma that Gorilla scared me and made me mad!". It was another great Halloween!


Valerie said...

ok I just love how Karson has his eyes closed and huge smile in about every picture, I also can't get over how much he looks like you and Kam looks like Justin! I wonder what your third one will look like now :) I get to find out soon....I bet it's another boy just like you and Court. Any way, I wish I could some visit you guys and my family up north, but I wish the my weather would follow me up there ;)

Jamie said...

Your boys are so cute!! Sounds like you guys had a really busy and fun Halloween-week!

We need to get together for another play date one of these days!!!

The WIlloughby Family said...

Hey those traditions are what make us sane. carving pumpkins and eating cookies, that sounds like fun!!

taylia said...

Can't believe how your "baby" looks like Austin...wow maybe it was the time he lived at your house that rubbed off. They are so cute..Kam and Kars are to to sweet... oh yeah will you send me your new address so we can send you a Christmas card? Send to email!