Thursday, December 10, 2009

This month has been going by way too fast. I wish that time would slow down so I could enjoy the Holiday Season just that much longer. To kick off the month we made a Christmas countdown chain. Kamden loves cutting a link off everynight.

We have been busy with Christmas decorating, parties, visits to see Santa, and candy making. I didn't even try getting a picture of Santa and the boys, they are both deathly afraid of him. Maybe next year. Kamden has really been enjoying school and I just wanted to put this picture of him up. They do such awsome things!


The WIlloughby Family said...

You always do the funnest things with your kids. Over Christmas break we should go on a couples date!!!

Valerie said...

Chels, hey thanks, I thought the pic of the boys were cute too, adn I LOVE your christmas card! I had to change my template. Instead of having of downloading a cute background from one of the blog sites, I went to where you change your background to minima, and i picked one in there. I think its called minima stretch? It is in the 4th box of options. Something stretch. Any way, then I went to settings and at the very bottom it gives you the option to upload the new editor for pic. Do that, hit save, and then when you download pic, it will ask you how big you want the pi (sm, med ,lrg, x-lrg), but if you have a cute background the picture gets cut off. So I opted for bigger pic and no background. Have I confused you yet :)