Thursday, January 7, 2010


Christmas morning Justin and I woke up at 5:30 because we were so excited. We decided to let the kids sleep but finally ended up waking them up around 6:30 because we couldn't wait any longer. It was so much fun to spend the morning together. The boys were surprised to see the gifts and so excited that Santa had came to visit. Christmas is so exciting when you have kids to celebrate with. I love watching the joy and wonder in their faces.

Santa left the boys a note. They loved it and the half eaten cookie.

Santa had left both of the boys some gifts by the fireplace. A firehouse for Kamden and a Dragon Castle for Karson. When the boys woke up and saw the gifts they both ran to the opposite one. Kam to the Dragon castle and Kars to the Firehouse. Justin and I looked at each other shrugged our shoulders and moved their stockings to their new exchanged gift. I guess that is the great thing about having two boys so close together. They can share everything. Even gifts form Santa! Of course mom and dad got some wonderful gifts too. Mom got a new pair of Sorel snow boots and dad got a remote control airplane.

Around 8:30 we headed down to my parents house for our family Christmas. All the family was there and it was nice to be all together. We spent the day eating, opening gifts, playing games and just enjoying each others company. I sure am greatful for such a wonderful family.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner that evening and sat around enjoying each others compnay. The best part about Christmas for me is being able to be together!

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