Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Update.

Usually the month of January brings us a little slower paced life but this January has been an exception to the rule. Since the Holidays have been over it has been full force baby prep mode. AKA NESTING! We are quickly checking things of our to do list and for one very pregnant gal that makes life simply wonderful!

Fist things first- We bought a new car. One that will comfortably fit us all. I couldn't be any happier with our purchase and as I drive around with my rear end getting warm from the seat warmers and the quite sounds of the kids watching the DVD player I just might have to say.... I am in love!

Next on the to do list- Get babies room ready. Although this wasn't a speedy process, we did finally end up getting the babies room painted and the crib put up. Lets just say that stripes arn't quite as easy to accomplish with only painters tape, or frog tape. Yes the people at the paint store might lie to you and tell you that they will do the trick but without painters caulk THE LINES WILL BLEED! So after many attempts we now have straight, nice clean lines, and this makes mommy very happy! Now all we have to do is get all the baby stuff up out of storage and organized into the room and decorate it.

Last week things slowed down a bit. Both boys ended up getting terrible colds that kept them down for most of the week. It is amazing how much laundry you have to do when you have sick kids at home. They are on the mend and back to themselves for the most part. Now if I could just get their noses to stop running.

This month hasn't been all work and no play. Justin took a Saturday to go ice fishing with a friend. He had a ton of fun and ended up bringing four fish home. That night he fried it up and the very smell of it pretty much made me stay in the bathroom all night. I am not a big fish fan in the first place but even less so being pregnant. I am glad that he was able to go and have a good time. I hear the fish was delicious too (although I am a bit skeptical).

The next Saturday I was able to go out to dinner with my parents and sister. Then we went and watched the movie Old Dogs. It was pretty funny and nice to relax and laugh.

The boys have had a lot of fun playing outside. The cold weather hasn't stopped them one bit. At the first of the month it was soooo cold. One day it never even got above five degrees. BRRRRRR! Thankfully it is warming up a tad bit and has been in the 30s. I really can't wait for summer!!!

My little sister Tessa and her fiance came to visist one weekend and I was able to go out and take some engagement pictures for them. I had a great time and hopfully they will be able to use one of them for their announcements.

I will post some pictures of the babies room once I get everything into place. I am very excited about it!


Erich said...

Sweet new ride. I can't wait to see the new baby's room...you always do such a good job decorating. I can't imagine painting stipes I HATE painting. Anyhow hopefully we can make it over that way before the new little one arrives and life gets real crazy...I mean FUN :)

Marissa said...

I'm totally impressed with you girl...When I was pregnant with Brea I couldn't paint. The fumes made me nauseated. Kevin had to paint the whole living room by himself. I need you to come help me decorate my kids' rooms. You do such a good job. I'm excited to see the pics and find out more about baby!

Crystal said...

Yea! I love prepping for baby. Nice car too. So sad you guys have been sick, I hope everyone is feeling better. When are you due again?

Valerie said...

Chels, sounds like you have been so busy. I am so excited for your little one to come :) I am still unsure about names. We have three top ones...Presli Elizabeth, Addison Lily, and I think my favorite, Adeline Lily. I really love the nick name Addi, but I feel Addison is very common, plus I like the sound of older names, which is why I like Adeline a lot. Brand likes Presli more then I do. It's cute but for some reason isn't sticking with me, make sense ha ha ha? But I think we will need to see her little face before we decide :) (which one do you like?) Anyway, can't wait to see your baby's room! good job on the engagement pic